Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fit by Fitbloggin' update: Getting real

Last night I had guest speakers in my class, a married couple. One partner is a creative writer who works with a nonprofit to bring writing to inner-city classrooms, and the other is a high-level corporate executive. The wife was the corporate exec, and she brought her husband in to a team meeting to help her work with her team to set goals for the year.

Being aware of the shape of story -- beginning, encounters with challenges in the middle, peak action or goal, falling action, and conclusion -- can help set more realistic goals and also plan for problems. Because the exec's team had planned for potential hiccups and even written them into their story for the year, it was easier for the team to keep working together productively instead of looking for someone to blame when a setback occurred.

Why yes, that IS a Passion Planner...Thanks Fitbloggin' Secret Santa!
It wasn't new information to me, but in weight-loss blog land, everyone rushes in to scold a blogger who has a setback as if it indicates a personal failing. Including the blogger herself.  Sure, controlling the environment is a great strategy. I do it most of the time. Sometimes, though, it isn't that easy. 

No one would read a story like this: "I decided I wanted a pack of gum, so I went to the store and bought one. I'm so happy now. The End." Why do we expect goal-setting and achievement to work like that? Intellectually, we know that obstacles are going to come up, but it seems like a lot of people think that if they really had determination and persistence, everything would be like a Pinterest quote.

I'm hitting a predictably bumpy part of the story -- the end of the semester -- along with some challenges I didn't anticipate -- excessive drama and unpredictable extra hours at work -- and it has affected me. I had a bad Weight Watchers weigh-in last week, and as usual I blamed myself for it and let it drag me down further, even though it's not surprising that I would be having issues. I have barely had time to go to the grocery store to make sure I have food to pack with me, and I haven't been eating on schedule. Both of these have contributed to what I have been calling "A Case of the F--- Its" -- to riff on the "Case of the Mondays" line in Office Space

I think I have held it together fairly well, considering. I'm still tracking, still sticking to my training schedule, and still trying to get regular sleep. 

I'm over being mad at myself. This is part of my story.

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