Saturday, March 14, 2015

Triathlon training: Bad week, good week

Last week I was dealing with a possible eye infection and some serious work-related stress, so as you can see, my training week was a wreck. The gray box is a workout I did that was unplanned, all the orange ones are missed workouts, and the green boxes were the ones I did as planned (not many).

This week was spring break. My workout life were both more productive when I wasn't teaching.  The yellow box is a workout that was too long compared to the plan. The gray boxes are those coming up that I haven't done yet.

I also got a lot of work done this week. I'm about twice as productive when I'm not teaching and when all the noisy people who share my work hallway are out of town.  I really loved having this break to catch up on everything.

Next week it's back to the grind, but we only have about 7 weeks left of the semester. This year has been a harder one than usual, and I really have been finding myself counting down the days. I don't like it when I feel like that.

I'm really looking forward to summer racing, though. Last week's bad week not withstanding, I have been training more this winter than I ever have before, and I'm hoping it will show up in my race times.

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