Sunday, January 25, 2015

Completed As Planned

TrainingPeaks (affiliate link), the app I use to plan and track my workouts, has a feature I just noticed. When I would record my workouts on the iPhone app, I was actually manually adding the time. But then I figured out that if I just clicked the "Completed As Planned" button at the top, it automatically filled in the time I had already allocated for the workout.

There is something so satisfying now about clicking that "Completed As Planned" button. It's not an exuberant, half-disbelieving, "I DID IT!!!"

It's a head nod.  Yeah, of course. "Completed As Planned." It makes me feel like the kind of person who just expects to achieve her goals.

By the way, I clicked that "Completed As Planned" button 11 times this week, for a total of 10 hours, 45 minutes, my biggest training week to date. Sure, some of those workouts were easy, but a lot of them were very hard. The last two today especially. I had to juggle things to make them work this week, and that meant stringing a lot of workouts together in one day. But despite the inevitable thoughts that I was tired and maybe should back off, I remembered how good it would feel to look at that whole week and think "Completed As Planned."

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