Wednesday, November 05, 2014

What I am learning from The Fitness Shack's Food Revolution service

I have been going to a new gym, The Fitness Shack, which is conveniently located between my house and work.  It was started by Renee Mason, an MD who wanted a way to help her patients get healthy.  

I had heard about the gym from my friends who raved about both the Food Revolution service they offered and the classes. I started out by buying a few fitness passes.  I have been especially loving the rowing classes. So when they offered a "Five Pack" that included their food and fitness classes, I decided to give it a try. 
I'm a good cook and I feel like a health and fitness expert after all my years working on weight loss, but I'm finding that not only is this food convenient, but it's teaching me a lot.

1. My day is happier when I know what I'm having for dinner. Tonight I teach a class from 6:00-8:30. I come home from my evening classes exhausted. If I don't have a healthy meal planned and ready for me when I get home, chances are that I will go rummaging through the fridge and pantry for whatever is convenient.  Tonight's dinner is not just already planned, it's already cooked and ready to be heated up.  

Tonight's dinner (including a small dessert)
2. I don't need as much food as I think I do.  The portions look small to me, so yesterday I added half a cup of plain fat-free Greek yogurt to the Baked Oatmeal breakfast.  I ended up feeling so full that I saved half of it for a midmorning snack.

3. I need to pack a lunch. I pack a lunch every day for my husband, so I should pack myself a lunch at the same time.  I ended up getting two of the Five Packs, so I used some of the meals for dinners and some for lunches. It has been so easy having my lunch already packed. Even if I end up eating it at home, it is really simple to have things already planned, packed, and tracked. I have been supplementing the lunches with a piece of fruit and some extra veggies.

Today's lunch and late afternoon snack
4. Food doesn't have to be just cooked to be delicious. I have been hearing the tip to precook on Sunday evenings for years, but it wasn't until trying this service that I actually thought I might want to do that.  I am not usually a fan of leftovers.  I am that person who brings half her dinner home from a restaurant and doesn't really want it the next day.  But this food is great, especially if I can warm it in the oven.  I am finally thinking about ways that I could plan similar meals that I could cook over the weekend for weeknight dinners.

5. Sometimes time is more valuable than money.  It really isn't in our budget to do something like the Food Revolution every week. For the two of us, it would cost $300 per week. We could definitely cook at home more cheaply than that, but during busy times like the first few weeks of school, it would be worth the extra cost to stay on track and not have to worry about weight gain.  And this is much cheaper than takeout and way healthier. 

I had only been doing this service for two days before my weigh-in at Weight Watchers, and I was down 1.4 pounds this week.  I'm hoping that I can take what I learned from this week using the service and start to see similar results on my own. To be honest, I am also going to start paying attention to how much we really spend on groceries so I can see how the price of Food Revolution compares with cooking at home -- maybe it is closer than I think. 

Have you ever tried a meal service? Did you get good results?


  1. I cook and prep food when I walk in the door from the grocery. Opening my refrigerator, any day, is just like this service. You just pick what you want. Youngest packs her lunch for school every day with lots of options, ready. Husband and I eat food from home almost all the time. I took food to my middle, yesterday, at college. Lots of little servings. I did not have to cook anything, just opened the refrigerator and started packaging.

    I UNDER cook veggies. If it is a frozen veggie, I do not cook. I put in refrigerator container so it thaws in there, and then we just warm to eat, or eat it cold. We like cold peas and green beans better than warm.

    1. I have been hearing this tip forever but actually seeing what it is like makes a difference.


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