Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The trouble with selfies

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I purchased a Mini Adjustable Tripod Support Stand Camera Holder and Muku Shuttr Remote to help me take better Gwynnie Bee outfit photos (and for other uses).   The equipment is okay, though the tripod is a little tippy (I wish I had purchased the JOBY Gorillapod Tripod instead).

Testing the shutter
The problem wasn't so much the equipment as the fact that it's really hard to get the angle right. If I use the front-facing camera, there is a weird fisheye effect that causes some strange distortions.

Huge hand!
If I use the rear-facing camera, I can't see what I'm doing and it's up to chance to get a decent shot.

Corey Poppy Handkerchief Hem Dress by Gwynnie Bee

Awkard fake smile
It's also hard to smile naturally alone.  I just felt weird. And of course, there is my tendency to close my eyes when the shutter goes off.

Fun fact: I close my eyes in about one out of three photos

Another stiff, awkward face
Something I had not anticipated is how hard it is to get a flattering angle, especially when I can't see what the photos look like.

Under the chin is not the best angle for photos
This dress is comfortable but I'm not so sure it photographs well.  Or maybe it is just photographer error? Do you have any selfie tips for taking natural and flattering photos?


  1. Hand held selfies are difficult, in that they often distort features, etc. I think the tripod is the way to go, especially if the height is adjustable.

  2. Best angle is from above. Think of all the photos you ever saw of Princess Diana. Same applies for full-body shots – position the tripod slightly above, tilt the camera down and fire away.


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