Saturday, November 29, 2014

Logging, revisited

I need to log my triathlon workouts and progress. After my initial review, I had decided to try the Beginner Triathlete app, but it just didn't capture my interest.

A local coach I have considered working with uses the Training Peaks app, so I decided to play around with it on my computer. I decided to take advantage of the 7-day trial the premium version, and I was having fun planning out workout ideas and playing with it.  Then I thought, maybe I could just use the basic version. The one thing I wanted that the basic version does not include -- you guessed it -- is the ability to plan out workouts ahead of time. So I think I will be investing in that if I stay interested through the free trial period.

It also connects with Garmin Connect, should I ever get a compatible device. I still feel a little iffy about spending that kind of money on one, at least as long as my heart rate monitor is still working. I am kind of hoping someone I know will get the new fancy one and be looking to unload an older version for cheap. I put one on my Elfster wish list, just in case there is ever one of those contests where you win your wish list there....


  1. I use the training peaks app. It does sync with my garmin. I only have the basic but I am still able to upload training plans. I use training plans from Runner's World but I am guessing there are other training plans sites that work with TP. Maybe that would work for you and you wouldn't have to pay for the premium?

  2. I will check into it -- thanks for the tip!

  3. I used training peaks with a previous coach, but my current one doesn't track workouts that way...considering using it again just for me. Glad to have found your blog - I look forward to following your adventures :)


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