Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday weigh-in: Frustrated

Note the graph above. The weight loss that I had scrambled hard for all school year almost completely reversed. Yesterday's weigh-in was a little better than last week's, but not by much. I was down 8.8 at my lowest point, so close to that 10-pound mark.  Obviously I had some reasons to lose focus, but to be honest, it makes me angry that it is incredibly hard to lose one pound, and so easy to gain four. 

There are definitely new things to come at Weight Watchers -- the only real hint I got yesterday is that leaders are being encouraged to come clean about their own struggles. I'm can't believe it took Weight Watchers this long to figure out that honesty would be helpful. Those chirpy, fake-enthusiastic leaders are the worst. If this wasn't hard, I wouldn't be spending $45 a month to get help. 

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  1. I can see that one pit fall with the "always something new around the corner at WW" is members might tend to slack off on today, because of tomorrow. Subconsciously they might be in a continuous "start over Monday morning" mind frame, except Monday morning is weeks/months away. Do the leaders address this?


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