Friday, October 03, 2014

Help ENELL support your favorite breast cancer-related charity

It's October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, which means that pink products are everywhere. Unfortunately, not all pink-ribbon products actually donate any money to breast cancer charities.

Because ENELL is a bra company created and run by a woman business owner, ENELL has always focused its charitable giving efforts on breast cancer related charities. 10% of the proceeds from the Pink HOPE ENELL Sport and Lite bras go to breast cancer charities all year long, not just in October.  ENELL bras have even been used by breast cancer survivors post-reconstruction for their compression properties.

This year, ENELL wants to let its fans choose the charities to receive the proceeds from its 2014 Pink HOPE sales.  From October 1 through October 14, you can make your nomination of any charity that is a 501c(3) organization devoted to the prevention, treatment, and/or awareness of breast cancer.

From October 15 through the end of the month, fans can vote for their favorite among all the nominated charities. The top 3 vote-getters get a portion of the 2014 HOPE proceeds: First place receives 50%, second place receives 30%, and third place receives 20%.

To nominate or vote, you must become a fan by "Liking" the ENELL Facebook page.

During the month of October (or while supplies last), purchasers of Pink HOPE ENELL Sport and Lite will receive a free makeup bag (pictured above). This is encourage people to choose pink over the other colors to boost the donation to the winning charities.

I like the Pink HOPE ENELL because it blends in better with my skin than any of the other colors, so under a white T-shirt or other light-colored or sheer top, I tend to go pink.

Make your nomination now, and then be sure to vote for your favorite after October 15.

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