Thursday, September 04, 2014

Why I wanted to be an Enell Ambassador

I wrote a little about being selected as an Enell Ambassador, but I didn't talk about why I wanted to represent them in the first place. I got my first Ambassador package yesterday, and there was a card that said, "This is for the Blessed and the Cursed." I have always felt a little of both -- blessed to have something to balance out my wide hips, but cursed when I went to go run or do other high-impact exercise. Over the years, I got a lot of disapproving looks in aerobics classes or out on a run.  I even had people say, supposedly helpfully, "Have you ever considered getting them reduced?" No, I hadn't -- I didn't have back problems, neck problems, or any other problems besides the bounce problem. I had lots of bras that promised to lock down my chest and keep it in line (including one that I called the "Battleship Bra" because it was so ugly and restrictive) but most of them never did quite do the trick. All I could do was cut down the bounce, not get rid of it completely.

I had never tried an Enell because I had never seen one in a store, and didn't want to special-order something that Title 9 Sports called its "Last Resort" bra. I didn't try one until Fitbloggin' last year, when I agreed to model it. I got to keep that one, and I also bought a Pink Hope one later so I could have a second one for my runs.  It makes me feel the way I imagine I'd feel if I had a breast reduction and lift -- everything is higher and nothing moves.  As Enell founder Renelle said to me, "It makes you feel like a boy." And then when I'm done with my run, I go back to my normal self. 

So this product is one that has genuinely made my life better, and I'm happy to represent the product. I'd like to arrange for every woman and girl who wears a C-cup or higher (with natural breasts, at least) to try one for herself, but since I'm not rich and famous, being an Enell Ambassador is a good alternative.  The basic range of shades that the Enell is generally available in was its only negative to me, as I like fun colors in all my workout clothes, so I was very excited to get the new color yesterday.
I wanted to wear it out on a run, but I took a new workout class yesterday and my hamstring was feeling a little achy. I went out for a leisurely ride on my cruiser bike instead so I could try my new gear and get some pictures.

The sun was very bright -- it was a beautiful late-summer-early-fall morning.  It was a little too warm to wear my jacket for long, but I wasn't going to stand out in the meadow in just my bra.  I got enough weird looks for taking selfies with my bike.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07