Tuesday, September 02, 2014

New Enell color: Don't wait to dive in to new Scuba Blue!


Enell Sport launched a new color today: Scuba Blue.  This makes five currently-available options: the core colors of Black, White, and Ecru, Pink Hope, and for a limited time, Scuba Blue.

scuba bluepink hope

You can find a list of online and brick-and-mortar retailers that have ordered stock of Scuba Blue at the Enell Blog.  Supplies of this new color will be extremely limited -- once they sell out, they sell out permanently.

I am still a little sad that I didn't get the last limited-edition color, Purple Orchid, before it sold out more than a year ago, especially since purple is my favorite color. That sadness is tempered by the fact that I have a Scuba Blue Enell on its way to me right now.

If you're ordering online, be sure to check out the special Enell Size Chart.  You will get the most accurate fit if you use your actual measurements and don't try to guess from your current bra size.  It's supposed to be very snug: I thought I was a 2, but I actually needed a 1 for my best support. Of course if you are already an Enell fan, you can just check the size tag of the one you have hanging on your drying rack.

I can't wait until my package arrives. Unfortunately, it will probably get here while I'm at work, so I might have to wait until tomorrow to try it on.


  1. I am checking my front porch like a mad woman, I cannot wait to receive this beauty! Why did I not order the purple last year either.... Something to be said for having something to look forward to. :-)

    1. No package yet -- I have to be patient a while longer.

  2. The LE colors are so cute! They *almost* make working out fun. LOL

    1. I only have 2: White and Pink Hope. Looking forward to expanding my collection.


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