Monday, September 08, 2014

Everyday life

I'm afraid it has gotten very all bras, all the time, around here lately, so I wanted to assure you that I will continue to post on a range of topics! A post from Vickie's private blog reminded me of how much I love Shauna's Everyday Life posts. I don't have a bunch of photos to share, because lately I have been taking mostly pictures of people, and I don't want to post those without permission, but I thought I'd post some of the everyday things going on in my own life. 

Up until now, I have only hinted about it here, but my dad has been in and out of the hospital a lot this year with very severe complications of diabetes.  I didn't want to trigger a flood of negative and judgmental comments about his lifestyle choices when he is in such a terrible place.  He was diagnosed about 30 years ago, so even if he had managed things better, he could very well be having complications by now.  I think in his case there was a strong genetic component too, as both of his surviving sisters also have Type II diabetes and so did his father. There was also a medical technology component: In the days when my father was diagnosed, the only way they could confirm diabetes was with urine test strips. By the time that sugar is showing up in urine, it has been progressing for quite a long time.  So there were a lot of factors. Needless to say this has been heartbreaking for him, for me, and for my whole family.

Of course, the health issues that he has been having have made me more aware of my own health. That's why I had a stress test and all those other tests recently. My doctor thought it was wise given my family history. I was happy to get the all-clear.  Obviously I would like to get to a healthy weight, which is why I'm tweaking the way I do Weight Watchers to make it work better for me.

As much as I can, I have been trying to enjoy and appreciate my own life instead of only dwelling on this awful situation. I'm especially reminding myself to enjoy the last bits of summer as we have threats of another cold winter ahead.  Saturday we went to an arts festival with two friends and their cute six-month-old baby.  Yesterday my husband and I took a 20-mile bike ride in perfect 75-degree weather. I also spent some time hanging out on the front porch with my cats and took two naps.  We experimented with an Eggplant Pizza recipe from our CSA, and even though they didn't turn out quite right (the eggplant was still too hard), we have ideas on how to make them work next time.  We need to draw more of the moisture out of the eggplant "crust" and maybe even pre-cook them.  I had just the toppings off the two smallest ones and that part was delicious. 

How's your everyday life these days?


  1. Yum! Your eggplant pizzas look delicious! Also - love your new blog header. Very pretty and modern :)

  2. I lived with complications of my mom's husband's diabetes for years. I hope your dad's complications are not nearly so bad. I understand how bad it can be. REALLY hard on family. Our worst year was 2008-9 with surgery or major hospitalization every month but two of that school year. Really sorry you are going thru this.

    I think I have had luck turning zucchini cut side down to allow fluid/juice out in pre bake. I think I had them up on a rack in a pan so they were not in liquid. It has been a while, but I have dim memory that is what I did.


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