Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Gwynnie Bee photo shoot

This was the better of two pictures. I really am "Not a Model."
Way back in May, I was contacted about whether I would like to be featured in Gwynnie Bee's "Not a Model" blog series. It has been hard keeping the secret!  I really like how the story turned out, and it has been fun to see the responses of family and friends who saw the feature on Facebook.

I took my responsibilities as a model very seriously. I researched tutorials on tight lining my eyes, and looked at features on bridal makeup because I wanted a soft, natural look that would photograph well.  My Sephora addiction came in handy, as I had everything I needed  already in my makeup kit.

I had my hair professionally styled by Chelsea at Rêvé.  Like a true blogger, I was about to take a selfie, but Chelsea offered to snap the photo instead. I closed my eyes in the first shot -- not a great start to my modeling career! Still, it shows off my eye makeup.

I was sent five different items for the shoot -- all but one worked, and the one that didn't was my fault, as I requested the wrong size.  I packed up my four outfits in a duffel bag, along three pairs of shoes, two sets of earrings and necklaces, and makeup to touch up my face.  I also brought a Coach purse that I bought at the outlet store way back before Christmas, and had never used because I was terrified that I'd get it dirty.  I waterproofed it this morning and it made its long-awaited debut. Interestingly, it did not show up on the feature, but it was handy for carrying my makeup and hairbrush for touch-ups.

This was the first (and so far only) really fancy purse I ever bought in my life. 
The photographer, Gerri from Serendipity by Gerri, and her intern, Connor, were great and made me feel really comfortable. We met downtown and got a lot of Toledo landmarks in the shoot, including the ballpark where the Toledo Mud Hens play, the Toledo Museum of Art, and a lot of the great architecture on St. Clair Street.  I changed outfits in the back of Gerri's SUV.  Gerri gave great cues and was really encouraging. I am sure the pictures are going to be flattering.  I would never have thought to do something like this, but the whole experience was fun and made me feel beautiful.

Gerri sent me a link to the photos and I couldn't wait to see, out of the 44 images in the shoot, which ones would be chosen.  I liked the ones that were picked, though I had a few of my own favorites that were not included, and I might order prints of one or two of them.

If you'd like to feel like you have a model's wardrobe, try it out for yourself. (This is an affiliate link -- like all GB members, if I refer someone who signs up for the service, I get a free extra item for a month.)

It was hard to send the clothes back after the shoot. So many fun colors.  A couple of days later, I got a nice surprise in the mail -- a big Gwynnie Bee tote bag that I'm already using to carry my books back and forth to my real (non-modeling) workplace.

Thanks, Gwynnie Bee! I had fun playing model for a day.

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