Friday, August 22, 2014

More shots from my Gwynnie Bee "Not a Model" session

When I was making the arrangements for my photo shoot for Gwynnie Bee, I learned that instead of sending a photographer to me, they would find a local photographer to work with me.  I was very lucky that they chose Gerri from Serendipity by Gerri, because she made the whole experience fun for me and took lovely, flattering photos.

She was nice enough to share some of the other shots that didn't make it into the Gwynnie Bee story in digital form, so that I can share them here. I'm hoping to figure out how to use these to make a new blog header and some About Me pages.  Classes just started, so that figuring all that out might have to wait.

There were 40+ photos, I enjoyed looking through them and picking my favorites.  Gerri did a great job getting me to relax and have fun, and I think my personality really shows through. I haven't done a photo shot by myself since my high school senior pictures back in 1988.

A lot of my favorites were of me in the Tart Collection Chloe dress -- the colors are beautiful and bright, and it looked good with and without the denim jacket. If I were wearing this dress to work, I'd definitely wear a slip or a cami under it:

My very favorite shot from the session. I love the way my hair looks.

I thought this one was cute and might make a great blog header.

This one shows more cleavage than I would like, but I thought the coffee might be a nice nod to my old blog header.
The Ilene Dress in Water Chevron was also by Tart Collection, and I loved the way it looked with the marble in the background of this photo. I wore my own belt, a silver one with an embellished buckle from ABS (another Gwynnie Bee brand):

I loved this one with all the columns. It was taken at the Toledo Museum of Art.
I liked how Gerri chose to use the gardens at the museum as the background for the Flor Electric Animal dress. The greenery harmonized nicely with the colors of the dress:

Another favorite shot. And my fancy purse is in it!

Once I figure out that custom header, look for a makeover on the blog.  Any suggestions or tricks of the trade you'd like to share are welcome.


  1. I love the 2nd shot the best! Your skin looks amazing in that one.

    1. Thank you! My Sephora habit really paid off here.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, I thought it might be interesting to see which pictures I liked compared to those selected to show off the clothes.

  3. I would choose the second shot as the blog header because it is horizontal and has good horizontal lines in the fence to carry a wide banner. Additionally the pinks and greens in the background are much more attractive against your skin, compared to the yellow of the third. Coffee shops have bad lighting and it doesn't make your skin glow like the second. Which sucks, because there's just something inherently cozy yet stimulating about a coffee shop that never translates to the camera for me.

    1. My eyes are a little squinty in the coffee shop one, too. I didn't see that in the smaller proofs.


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