Monday, August 04, 2014

After the #EmptyGlassCity crisis: What next?

My relaxation coach says not to worry.
Sometime this morning, the all-clear went out on the water crisis, though it's hard to feel secure since its causes still have not been addressed. I don't trust people to choose the long-term greater good over their short-term selfish needs. Witness the people who bought way more water than they needed not caring that they might cause others to go without.  The whole thing really took a toll on me, no matter how muh I tried to keep a positive outlook and remember how much we had to be grateful for.   

The ugliness of that first morning's water quest made me really want to hide in the basement with a box of Ritz crackers and a jar of Jif. No, I don't keep those foods in my house, and I didn't buy them either. But to me, those are kid foods, and that part of me wanted to be young enough not to have to think about these problems.

I didn't exercise as much as usual because the reports were mixed on whether showering was safe or not, and my exercise class was cancelled. I tried to keep my eating habits healthy, but it was a challenge since I had limited water for washing vegetables, and I learned after doing a load of dishes that the water was not safe for washing dishes.  I tried to keep my cooking to things that didn't make a big mess. Today we started to do better. I started the dishwasher and then I went for a run. We had a lot of vegetables at both lunch and dinner.  I even went to campus and started work on all the things to do before school starts. 

A lot of people aren't so sure the water is safe. Since we still have bottled water left from the original 3 gallons we bought, I have been drinking mostly that, and I still have been giving the cats bottled water as well, since they are smaller and would be more sensitive to any remaining toxins.  I figure we will learn more in the next few days.

When I went to the grocery store today, there was water on the shelves again, so I bought some and put it in the basement.  I am not going to stockpile a lot, but we have 6 1-Liter bottles and a 24-pack of the 16-ounce ones. That should hold us for a while if this happens again.

I'm really still hoping that it doesn't. I hope every politician running in the Great Lakes area is asked what he or she plans to do to keep our drinking water safe. They will only care about this issue if we make them.

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