Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Wednesday weigh-in: Got my 5-pound star!

I had pretty high hopes for today's weigh-in -- as I said yesterday, I wanted at least 1 pound, and was hoping for 2.  One pound would earn me my 5-pound star, and 2 pounds would put me into the 170s fully clothed in the middle of the day.

I had no thought at all that I might lose 3.2. I blew right past the 5 pounds lost and am more than halfway to 10 pounds down.  This is really encouraging.

So, what did I do differently? I experimented with the Simply Filling Technique (for the non-WWers, there is a good explanation on Danica's page, although I don't do her tweaks).  I find it easiest to do this on a day when I'm going to be at home and able to prepare most of my own meals.  I had my picture of a swimsuit on my lock screen, to remind me that I really did want to lose.

Finally, this week did not have a holiday, a vacation, a family party, or any other big minefield in it. I didn't even have to go to work (though I did a few days to get things done). If I'm not going to lose on a week like this, I'm doomed.

So even though I have had my ups and downs since restarting WW, 7.4 pounds in 5 weeks is almost 1.5 pounds lost per week. Not bad!

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