Friday, June 27, 2014

Fitbloggin' Presentation: Triathlete Chat

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The Liveblog by GingerMantra.

My notes:

I wore my trisuit to show that even though it's not the most flattering garment, it's a very practical one. I also wanted to demonstrate how I keep track of my swim goggles and cap before the race. I did put my jacket back on shortly after the photo above was snapped because I'm not immune to feeling self-conscious in spandex, but for the race itself, I don't think about how I look.  I had my Enell bra under the trisuit, and I wear it for all of my runs and races -- managing the jiggle is very important.

There were a lot of experienced triathletes in the session in addition to some newbies.  Unbeknownst to me, a Team USA duathlete was in the session. She mentioned that she won a race, but I didn't know what race it was -- maybe I should have asked?

I have posted some resources to the Pinterest board above and would love suggestions on what other resources would be useful.

My takeaways:

Swim: Practice, practice, practice. Find a master's swim group if you can.  Join a local triathlon club so you can train in open water -- it's not safe to swim in open water alone.  Practice as much as you can so you feel confident.

Bike: Train and race on whatever bike you have for your first race. Spin classes are also good for bike training.  IF you are going to buy a bike, buy a road bike.  Get fitted at a local bike shop. Don't buy a hybrid or mountain bike just for a triathlon -- you will be disappointed when everyone passes you.  Consider toe cages or clipless pedals (which is confusing because you "clip in") to add power to your bike leg.

Run: It's totally okay to walk all or part of the run segment.  Smile at other runners when you need a lift -- most will smile back.

Overall: Have fun. Especially for your first race, don't worry too much about your time.   No matter how slow or fast you are, you are a triathlete.  You can always improve for your next race.


  1. you talked about tris at Fitbloggin? how many have you done? just curious.

    1. If I am remembering correctly, at least one a year since 2001 or 2002 and some years Jen has done a leg as part of a team (in addition to the one) too.

  2. You can find my times and races on Athlinks. I did my first tri in 2002 and have done around a dozen as a solo athlete and a few relays.

  3. I can't quite judge if "donut" is sincerely asking a question or trolling, but I thought I would be a good person to lead this not because I am an expert, but because I am someone that newbies could relate to.

    1. I could not tell either, I felt a little defensive on your behalf . . .


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