Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bike makeover: A story in photos

I love my cruiser bike -- I have had it for about two years now.  When I bought it, I got a cheap basket on sale.  I liked the look of a liner bag inside a bike basket, so I used an old tote bag I had -- then I could pick the tote up to carry it when I got where I was going. It was a cheapskate solution, and it worked really well for a while.


The problem with the basket is that it was held on by little leather straps that went through the basket weave, and either I overloaded it or it wasn't sturdy to start with, and it started to break apart. The basket was a lot less stable as a result. Someone who knows how to repair baskets might be able to fix it, but that someone is not me.

Vickie wrote recently on her blog about getting a cruiser with a wire basket that could be detached for carrying things like water and other supplies. I researched for a while and decided I wanted a white basket, to go with my white bike.  I ordered a basket made by Wald, because they had good reviews.

The basket arrived and had very simple instructions that were easy to follow. The only thing that took any time was realizing that I didn't need the rubber shims included with the basket, that it actually fit better without them.

I also ordered a cute liner/tote bag from an Etsy shop called Bicyclette. They had a lot of cute designs, but I had to go with my favorite color -- purple. I especially liked that there was a pocket just the right size for my iPhone.

I also got a couple of bonus items with the bag:

Now I'm all ready for my Mackinac Island adventure! We plan to take my cruiser and my husband's (much less cute, but very functional) bike.


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