Sunday, May 04, 2014

April showers bring May flowers

Dark floral Cherry Velvet dress from Gwynnie Bee
April was a very stressful month (I refuse to make another misguided T.S. Eliot reference) and ended with my injury, which has turned out to be a hamstring pull and not a joint injury. My husband, a track nut, says that this is an injury usually reserved for elite sprinters. Lucky me! But seriously, muscles heal better than joints, so I do feel lucky.

May has started out much better. My injury seems to be getting better, and I have backed off on the anti-inflammatory meds because they were really bothering my stomach.

One good thing is that the injury pushed me to rejoin Weight Watchers, something I have been dithering about for a while. I have been doing some unofficial weigh-ins at home, and it is astonishing how fast I have lost in the last few days -- almost one pound per day.  I don't want or expect that rate to continue, but it definitely helps me to feel like I'm doing the right thing, especially since I'm not finding it that difficult so far.  I know that it's probably the Weight Watchers version of the "pink cloud effect," but I'm enjoying it anyway.  Following the plan isn't easy, exactly, but it gives me a structure that I feel like I need right now.  I went out to dinner last night, and with the plan in mind I chose not my first- or second-choice entree, but something that would fit well within the plan, still taste good, and let me enjoy the evening without feeling guilty. I weigh in officially on Wednesdays, so we'll see what their scale says.

Last night's dinner was to celebrate my promotion -- not a new job, but an elevation in title and a salary bump. This is something I have been worrying about since I applied for it in October.

I wore this dark floral dress and we went to a downtown restaurant with a riverfront view.  It is always fun to get dressed up and go out on a date. We saw a few teenage couples there having dinner before prom, lots of Disney-princess style dresses and hairdos, which was cute. I was glad to see more pastels and young-looking fashion -- for a while, girls were wearing very glamorous but adult-looking dresses for formals. Those sophisticated dresses were gorgeous, but I think it's nicer to see high-school girls looking young and fresh.

I was glad that felt pretty in what I was wearing, too. I had considered buying this dress, but I think it's going to be one that I wear a few times and send back -- it's very pretty, but too memorable to wear often. Dark florals are very on-trend right now, which means that they might feel really dated by next spring.

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  1. Love the dress! Most of us don't dress up as often as we did in years past, and I think it really gives us a boost!


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