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Review: Lose It! Healthometer Bluetooth Scale

Note: Lose It! provided me with a free Lose It! Healthometer Bluetooth Scale for review at my request, but the text and opinions are all my own (except where noted). Special thanks to my husband for helping me photograph the setup process. This post contains affiliate links.

I have been a longtime user of Lose it! Premium and I'm a big fan of the app. My New Year's resolution this year has been to track everything: The good, the bad, and the ugly.  When I saw that Lose It! had a branded scale just for use with the app, I had to try it.  This scale works with the free version of Lose It! as well as Lose it! Premium.

To be honest, a big reason I wanted a branded scale that would work with an app is that I wouldn't have to figure out how to reprogram my Tanita scale, which still thinks I'm 39 years old.  I already know how to use my smartphone. I have an iPhone 4S, but Lose it! is also available for Android, iOS, Nook, Kindle, and the Web. The scale, however, is compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

I checked with a product representative, who gave me these details on compatible devices:
The Lose It! Health o meter wireless body analysis scale features Bluetooth 4 (also called Bluetooth Smart Ready). It’s designed to work with wireless devices that feature Bluetooth 4.
The following devices are compatible with the scale:
  • iPod Touch (5th generation or newer)
  • iPhone 5 and newer
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad 3 and newer
  • iPad Mini
Keep that in mind when thinking about the scale.

I was impressed with the simple setup instructions. There was a one-page sheet with color pictures to illustrate every step in the setup process.  There is also a more detailed set of instructions, but I didn't need to refer to them when setting up the scale. All the instructions I needed were on this sheet. The scale ships with an orange plastic tab that keeps the battery from running out during shipping. It was a simple process to remove that tab and start using the scale. I have been using the scale for about a week, so I threw the tab away -- you'll have to take my word for it.

The scale is designed to work with the Lose it! App. So obviously, it will only work for you and your family if everyone who wants to weigh themselves is willing and able to use Lose It! on a compatible device. The scale is setup to store data for up to four different users. Each user will need to use his or her own iOS device with the app.

Here, I'll show how easy it is to set up the scale for a new user: 

The first step in setting up is to open up Settings on the on the device of the user who is going to be weighing in.  Make sure Bluetooth is enabled. If you forget this step, the app will remind you during the setup process.  Then open up Lose it!
Select "More" from the bottom right of the screen, and choose "Apps & Devices."  The list of available devices will be different depending on whether you have the free version of Lose It! or Lose It! premium, but the the Lose It! Healthometer device is available for both versions of the app.  These photos are of my husband's phone, and he has the free version of the app.

Select "Connect Lose It Scale." When it says "Searching for scale," flip the scale over and press the button on the back of the scale.

The app uses initials to distinguish between the different scale users. Of course, you can use any three-letter sequence for the users. Since my husband and I both have the exact same three initials, we have opted to use "JEN" and "JES" to designate who is weighing in. Once you enter your initials and designate whether you have an athletic body type, you hit "Continue" and the app will direct you to stand on the scale.
Once the weight appears on the scale, you then step off and tap the scale to confirm your identity (make sure it displays your initials and not another scale user.

The scale will display "DATA" when sending your data and then "BYE" when it is finished. The scale is set up. The next time you weigh in, you just need to open the Lose It! app, step on the scale, step off, and choose the appropriate user.

All of the data is sent through Bluetooth to your phone, so you have to make sure that you have Lose It! open and your phone near the scale every time you weigh.  All of the data is stored in the "Goals" section of Lose It! The free version of Lose it! includes all the data you will need to use the scale: Weight, Body Mass Index, Body Fat, and Body Hydration. The Premium version includes other goals like measurements. 


The only downside to this scale (which is not a downside to me) is that you will continue to be committed to using Lose It! for as long as you want to use the scale. The scale does display the data on the screen before sending it to the iOS device, but it goes by quickly enough that it would be hard to catch if you were going to write the numbers down.  It would be easier to just keep the Lose It! app, which is free, on your phone to manage the scale.

I checked the numbers I got on the Lose It! scale against my Tanita BF 679 and they were similar, and the price of the two scales are also similar. However, the Tanita scale is harder to program and is not Bluetooth-enabled.  I like the Lose It! scale better because of the convenience of the having my data sent right to the app I'm already using to track my weight. I also don't need to update it every time I have a birthday.

I think this scale is a great option for committed Lose it! users with a compatible iOS device, since it does not require another app to manage it. Because the data is sent right to the phone, users like me who wear glasses won't have to wear them or squint at the display to weigh in.  It currently retails for $69.99 with free shipping, less expensive than other Bluetooth-enabled scales with similar features. It also has a maximum weight of 400 pounds, higher than most similarly-priced scales.

Brave users can also set up the app to tweet their weight or post it to Facebook. I personally will not be taking advantage of that option.

Edited: Was contacted by the product rep with this additional information:
Also, please note: if the weight is more than 5lbs different we ask the user if they want to send the data to Lose It! or not. The scale can be used as a normal weight scale for anyone who isn't using Lose It!.
So connected users who have one bad food night can check their weight without worrying that the whole world will be clued in to their indulgence. And, as I noted above, the weight is displayed on the scale, so a user without Lose It! can weigh in without going through the whole setup -- perfect in case you have an overnight guest who might get on the scale. 


  1. Whats the battery life like?

  2. Doesn't work with IPhone 6 - of course I learned that after I bought it. :-(

    1. It should, according to the support site. Have you tried contacting support?


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