Friday, April 18, 2014

My chat with a Gwynnie Bee stylist

This post contains some affiliate links but is otherwise uncompensated and unsolicited, and reflects my actual experiences.

My school has a black-tie optional fundraising event coming up next weekend. I had thought to wear my Lace Shutter Sheath Dress (pictured at left), but I wanted some other options. Gwynnie Bee allows members to talk with (or email) a stylist and have items placed on high priority for a special event.  I actually have two dressy events in the same weekend -- the fundraiser and a trip to the opera with friends.

I felt like I got a lot of personal attention from the stylist. We emailed back and forth a few times and yesterday we talked on the phone about my event, my body type, my coloring, and my personal style.  It was fun to have such a detailed conversation about what I liked and didn't like.  In the end she made ten recommendations. I chose three of them to try and put on high-priority:

Coldwater Creek Lace Scroll dress (my favorite, I will miss Coldwater Creek)
Kiyonna Tiers of Joy Dress
Kiyonna Lace Cocktail Dress

A few of the other recommendations weren't right for me for various reasons, but it was great to have so many options.  I also looked around for other options and found these to add to the list:

ABS Python Jacquard Dress
Jessica Howard Polka-Dot Dress with Buckle

I had also considered trying Rent the Runway, but I haven't used them before. Unless I chose one of the plus-sized options, I also couldn't picture the dresses on me. And actual plus sizes don't fit me well -- the proportions aren't right.  The straight-sized models are so whip-thin that there's no sense of how the dresses would look on a more average body.  I might use this service if I had a serious event to attend, though, because there are such gorgeous gowns available, and I wouldn't have to spend a lot of money and closet space on a gown I'd wear once.

You can check out my other Gwynnie Bee posts here, and find out more for yourself here (full disclosure: I will get a free extra garment for a month if you sign up through my link)


  1. For anyone else who did not know -

    Lenders are keeping Coldwater Creek Inc. CWTR -22.50% on a short leash, as the women's clothing and accessory retailer prepares for a fast bankruptcy liquidation.

    Coldwater filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Friday, having failed to refinance its debt or find a buyer willing to keep the company going. At its debut court hearing Monday, the retailer cleared the first hurdles on the way to going-out-of-business sales in May, including financing designed to make sure top lenders get paid first and fast.

  2. I am not sure I have ever been on that store. Everything a
    Ways looked a little boxy in the window displays. Christopher Banks used to work well for me, if I shopped carefully, a few key pieces that I still wear and wear. But I think they changed their buyer because everything looks short and boxy to me now, nothing long and lean.

  3. That was
    Autocorrect is very humorous sometimes.

    Loved all the dresses you picked to try. Looking forward to your pics.

  4. I always thought their clothes were frumpy, but a lot of my favorite GB dresses were Coldwater Creek.


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