Sunday, March 09, 2014

What I did this week: March 3-March 9

Wow, three posts today!

This one will be a quickie:

Monday: Yoga class, walked on treadmill with varying inclines. 8,755 steps
Tuesday: Travel day -- and I think my step counter totally cheated me on steps, as I walked more than 10 blocks and only got 390 for it.  6,505 steps
Wednesday: Sat in conference rooms most of the day. 7,785 steps
Thursday: Hill Day was a LOT of walking. 27,479 steps
Friday: Another travel day, and this time my step counter seemed more generous: 14,469 steps
Saturday: Pilates Circuit class. 5,521 steps
Sunday: Swam 45-ish minutes (mini-competition, so more waiting around time). On land, only 3,945 steps

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