Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tips for making a Gwynnie Bee subscription work for you

Note: This is an unsolicited post. I do include affiliate links to Gwynnie Bee (like that one) in the post. I have written several other posts on Gwynnie Bee if you want to learn more about the service.

I usually read the reviews of garments on Gwynnie Bee before putting them into my virtual closet to see how the clothing will fit. Most of the time I find them very helpful. Some garments fit oddly or just work better with certain body types or shapes than others.  Some items are much more flattering than they look in their pictures and others are less.  But a few of the unhappy comments make me think that the commenters weren't prepared with a few things that help make the service work better:

  • Measurements: This is by far the most important thing.  I have been measuring myself as a gauge of my weight-loss progress, but they have remained stable enough that I have them memorized. I always, always look at the size chart when there is one available (unfortunately, there isn't always one available) and choose the size based on my measurements and not on the size I usually wear.   
  • Slips and camis: I LOVE Kiyonna dresses (see pictures below) but they are often very low-cut. Other wrap dresses often are low-cut or tend to gap at the hem. Wearing a pretty, plain-colored slip helps avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.  I have one in black, one in white, and one in nude.
  • Shapewear: That teal dress above was going to show every lump and bump, so I wore it with a girdle. It may feel old-fashioned, but a lot of clothes just look better with a smooth foundation.  
  • Tights and boots: I wore a lot more dresses this winter than I used to. Black tights and boots worked for all but the worst of it this year.
  • Cardigans and jackets: A lot of the dresses have bold prints that just needed to be toned down a bit.  Having some basic jackets and neutral-colored cardigans helps.

  • Belts: The belt in the picture on the left above is mine, it didn't come with the dress. I have worn it with several of the items I have gotten from GB to add waist definition.
  • Some kind of self-photographing setup: It's fun to share pictures of the clothes.  But I don't really have a great way to take pictures of myself.  I would like to have some kind of iPhone tripod, if there is such a thing.  My husband isn't always thrilled to take a bunch of pictures, let me sort through them, and then take a bunch more. 

I think the final thing that you need to make this work is a spirit of adventure. Try things you wouldn't normally like and be willing to send something back right away if it doesn't work.  I know where all the mailboxes in my local area are.  I just sent back a dress today that I hadn't worn because it wasn't terrific on me.  Sure, it means I have to wait a little longer, but I try to time my mailing so I have at least one garment in my closet and one on the way.

Want to try for yourself? Learn more here.


  1. Smiled at notes about your hubby. That is why I always have such crazy pics posted (slippers, bed head, funny face). Someone in house will always snap one quickly but no redos and no multiples. But you have to be careful because yours can end up on GwynnieBee site.

  2. Look up something called the gorillapod for an easy tripod option. You can attach it to just about anything to get the angle you want. And great tips for GB users, thanks!

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