Monday, March 17, 2014

The Diet Fix Day Ten: Troubleshoot

 If you were hoping to see movement on the scale (I was, until yesterday) during the Diet Fix, I have good news and bad news. There was a little movement -- I'm up a little less than a pound and my husband is up a little more than a pound. Not quite what either of us were hoping for.  I think if we had weighed in on Friday morning, before "Indulge," "Eat Out," and my own variation of yesterday, "Stress Out," things might have been a little different.  I was definitely feeling lighter toward midweek. And it might be different if I weigh in later this week, since my measurements are up a little, the body fat percentage on my scale is down a lot, and my weight is only up a little -- in my experience, weight being up and body fat measuring way down suggest water weight gain, and the fact that the measurements are up too would confirm that I'm a little puffy -- my rings are tighter this morning too.  Monday weigh-ins have never been great for me -- Wednesday is a better day. 

Today is about troubleshooting, so I will reflect on what I have learned: You can't put me in a tiny house with a lot of family members, even more food, and a cake and expect a great outcome. That's how yesterday went.  I love my family, but sometimes they stress me out. I don't want to go into details, but I worry about the people in my life and it doesn't help them or me.  I want to be able to enjoy family gatherings without guilt, but there is a difference between enjoying the food and using it as a distraction from uncomfortable feelings.  This party took me by surprise -- I forgot to put it in my calendar -- or I would have had my real lunch before I went.

As I look back on the week, some of the things in the Diet Fix were already part of my life.  I already prepare most of my meals at home. I have always been a cook and I honestly like the food I make at home better than most restaurant food most of the time.  I had already been using a food diary and recording everything, no judgment.  I had already been exercising most days of the week.  I had already eliminated milk, juice, and sugary sodas.  I already ate breakfast every day, first thing. 

Some of the recommendations really made a difference. Eating by the clock does work for me, since I know that when I get too hungry, I make bad decisions.  Upping the protein in my meals and snacks has made me feel more satisfied.  

There are definitely recommendations that I can use to move things in a better direction.  I had two glasses of wine during the Diet Fix, and would have been satisfied with dropping one of them and maybe not finishing the second one.  I can continue to cut "healthy" processed foods -- they have a way of sneaking in, because they are easy. I have room to do more exercise.  I can take the recommendation to have the "smallest amount that will make me happy" of indulgences a lot further. 

And since the whole point of this exercise is to learn not to berate myself, I won't.  I bought the audio version of this book so that I can listen and continue to learn, tweak, and incorporate the strategies in it.  

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