Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Diet Fix Day Four: Cook

Today, the emphasis was supposed to be on cooking. That's easy for me, since I like to cook anyway.  Technically, everything for the rest of this period (except for one day practicing restaurant strategies) is supposed to be cooked by me or bought at the grocery store, but I already had a lunch out with work colleagues scheduled for tomorrow. Luckily, it's a Mediterranean place, so there should be plenty of healthy options that will fit in with this plan.  I will see if the menu is online so I can pre-plan.

Today I was feeling very tired of the same protein sources -- I was eating a lot of cheese, and that doesn't seem like a terrific option.  I decided to make a recipe out of the book for a snack -- the Chocolate-Peanut Butter Protein bars. I wasn't so sure when I saw them in the pan -- they looked a little flat and weird. But they taste like a No-Bake cookie and they are low in sugar and high in protein. The KIND bars are still better, but these are something different.  I would definitely make them again. Sorry that they aren't very photogenic.

For dinner I made grilled chicken breasts and these green bean "fries." They didn't turn out crispy as promised, but they were very good. I just had half of my chicken breast and a lot of the green beans and got plenty of protein for the meal.

I realized (and posted on yesterday's post) that I was getting too bunched up about the calorie counts -- this is all supposed to be a learning experience and not a quick-weight-loss program.  Today's calorie counts came down quite a bit, as I am learning what works with this plan. I'm thinking I might make some hard-boiled eggs for snacks -- I have always liked those.

Today was easier, I'd say the DDD was maybe a 3, and only that high because I felt like I couldn't look at another piece of cheese -- and that has always been one of my favorite foods!  Any great protein sources besides eggs, nuts, seeds, cheese, meat, protein powder, protein bars?  Leave them in the comments.


  1. Edamame? I buy steamable bags of mukimame (shelled edamame) at Target. My 16-month-old son loves the stuff, so it's become a great snack for the whole family.

    Do you like cottage cheese? That could be a change of pace from regular cheese. My MIL whips hers in a blender; this could be mixed with spices or other ingredients to be a fruit or vegetable dip.

    And, of course, there's Greek yogurt.

    Thank you for doing this review of The Diet Fix. Like you, I'm a long-time follower of Freedhof's writing, and his advice has always resonated with my own experience. I think my husband may finally be ready to make the leap into healthy living, and I think he needs to start here.

    1. Thanks for this idea! I have some in the freezer.

      I did cottage cheese today -- it was a nice change. I think you and your husband would both find good info in this book.

  2. I knows it's meat (fowl), but my favorite meal AND snack is bacon-wrapped chicken tenderloins.

    1. I like bacon once in a while, but it's a little too strong a flavor for me to want often. I know that is sacrilege. I had some bacon on Sunday with my protein pancakes.

    2. It's also a PITA to cook -- so spluttery.

    3. Why does Autocorrect think "spluttery" is a word but not "splattery?"

  3. Fish once a week
    Low fat Plain Greek yogurt
    Low fat Cottage cheese
    Boneless skinless Chicken breasts
    Extra lean ground turkey breasts
    Extra lean beef (if you eat beef)
    Lean pork (if you eat pork)

    Protein powder if you are adding it to wise things

    I can happily do PB2

    I think cheese creates more problems than it solves as protein source personally, low fat sticks can be a great solution to food on the go on occasion. You are very lucky that you can do dairy. Losing lf cottage cheese and lf Greek yogurt was tough for me.

    I do not think of nuts as protein, I think of them as healthy fat

    1. Egg whites! I buy in carton, only ingredient is egg whites.

    2. Be very careful of fat in protein source. It usually ends up as another problem at some point in the scale. Or impacts blood work.

      What I have found in people who have gotten it all off and kept it off is that they can't lean too far one way or the other. Everything has to be kept in line ratios wise.

      People might start out getting their carb numbers in line and think that is the total answer. Or dropping down a high fat intake and starting to lose. But at some point in the scale everything has to line up much better. This is probably also a factor of age. What we could do in our 20's is very different than 60's for example.

    3. I can do some dairy but my belly isn't happy if I overdo it.

    4. Snowed in ?

      Husband said it was the densest snow yet, very hard to shovel. Whole city shut down, power out in places, he saw someone try to just go down our street and get stuck. We are staying put.

    5. Yes, snowed in again. Hoping the plows will be out tonight -- my lunch today got swapped to dinner. We're celebrating a birthday (not mine).


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07