Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Diet Fix Day Five: Think

I haven't really cut calories significantly and my carb count has been lower but not low -- so I wouldn't have cut enough to lose water from freed glycogen stores. So I am surprised at how much lighter I felt when I woke up this morning. My husband said he feels lighter too.  It will be interesting to see what the scale says on Day 10.

Today's dinner, however, was not so great. Because of the snow, the Mediterranean restaurant where I was supposed to be meeting my friends (with lots of great, healthy options) was not open. We went to Max & Erma's instead. If you ever want to show yourself the truth of the statement that "any day that you're eating a meal out is a day that you're not likely to lose weight," go to Max & Erma's for dinner, pick the healthiest entree you can find from the menu (in my case, the lunch-sized Apple Pecan Chicken Salad, and then look it up in their Nutrition Calculator.  Yikes. Obviously, if I had known I was going there ahead of time, I would have checked out the menu, but nothing there is really a great choice. How can they put so many calories into their food and have it just taste okay?  For 700 calories, I want something truly amazing.  

Today's task was really hard to wrap my head around. The prompt was "Think," and it was all about creating a new, healthier identity.  People who are overweight tend to be stuck with a lot of negative labels, and they are easy to internalize. The problem is that people see the extra weight and make all sorts of assumptions.  Quite a few times, I have been at a race or a triathlon and was asked, "is this your first?" Nope. And I didn't do anything to make you think it was, except show up in this body.

I can't tell you how many of my Facebook friends have posted the "To the fatty running on the track this afternoon" post and said it was "Inspirational!"  After all the negative things the author says about the overweight runner, suddenly it's all okay because there is a switch to "You f**ing rock." Personally, I'd rather be ignored than patronized. But maybe the "fatty" in question likes that sort of thing.

There isn't really anything in this chapter that is going to make a difference with other people's opinions.  There is, however, Dr. Freedhoff's affirmation that making the switch to a healthy lifestyle is a great thing in and of itself no matter what the scale (or the mirror) says.

And, of course, there are two great questions:
"What can I do right now that I can be proud of? What can I do right now that will help a little bit?"
Other than that surprisingly indulgent dinner, today went really well. Because Jesse was home, he made us a version of Mongolian Beef for lunch, which was delicious and very filling (with 24 grams of protein). I enjoyed all my meals and snacks and didn't struggle with hunger. It wasn't a difficult day, maybe a 2 or 3.

Even that dinner out -- even if the food wasn't 100% worth the calories, the company was. My happy life includes being able to go out and celebrate a friend's birthday.

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