Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Diet Fix Day Six: Exercise

Today's prompt was "Exercise." What and how much? "Some is good. More is better. Everything counts." Since it was not snowing and the temps were a balmy 25 degrees, we decided to go to Wildwood for a run. I did 20 minutes of running, with 5 minutes each of warmup and cool down walking. It felt a little chilly and there were some icy patches, but mostly it was fine.  I'm going to be glad to see these big piles of snow melt away this weekend.

Dr. Freedhoff says exercise is not important so much for its calorie burn ("You can't outrun your fork.) but for its health and attitude benefits.  I always say that I need exercise to unwind that tight little spring inside my brain.

Jesse had made pizza dough earlier in the day and left it to finish rising while we were at the park. When I got out of the shower, I didn't have long to wait for this:

He used a recipe in The Diet Fix that used protein powder in the crust.  He topped it with weighed and measured pizza sauce, mozzarella, and leftover grilled chicken.  One problem: He thought this was two servings. I looked at it and really didn't think it could possibly be -- the thing was huge. There was no way I wanted to eat half of it, even if I was supposed to.  As I was entering the recipe into the Lose It! recipe builder, I noticed that it actually was a "cook once, eat a bunch of times" recipe, and even though he had divided the recipe into thirds, it was still enough dough for two pizzas, six servings each.  It was a good thing I entered the recipe before I ate it so I could adjust my serving size accordingly. I had a big salad with my slice. Next time we'll make it into smaller, thinner-crust pizzas.

I have to say that I am loving the change of attitude that comes with this plan. It really lives up to my blog name, "Perfect in our Imperfections." If we make a mistake, okay, fine, let's do better next time.   

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