Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Same view, different day

I took the top picture a few weeks ago, and the bottom picture is this morning.  As you can see, the only change is that the snow piles are getting bigger (the top one was in the twilight, and this is morning light). We are actually running out of places to put the snow. There is a bad patch on our sidewalk that I treated with kitchen salt, because I can't find rock salt in the stores. Luckily, there is a warming trend predicted for later this week.

The view in the mirror and on the scale hasn't been changing either. I haven't been feeling great about that.  I have a cute skirt from Gwynnie Bee that I haven't worn yet because it has been too cold -- instead I have fallen back into wearing jeans and sweatshirts or sweaters every day.   

I will have a better schedule and hopefully better weather in March -- I can't wait. It did feel a little warmer when I was out there shoveling this morning.  I'm hoping that my mood will warm up too.


  1. Your weather has been yucky!!

  2. Our snow piles around the driveway are over 5'. No school today.

    I wonder how many shoulder/back problems are popping up with all the shoveling.


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