Sunday, January 26, 2014

Zombie apocalypse

Zombie mannequin army at Ann Taylor
Last night I managed to get out of my house for a little while and went shopping with a friend. I was sad to see that Ann Taylor is leaving the Toledo area. We will have a LOFT in Perrysburg, but the nearest Ann Taylor will be in Ann Arbor.

I guess I don't really need them, anyway. I have barely been able to leave the house because of the back-to-back snowstorms, so I'm not getting as much wear out of my Gwynnie Bee (affiliate link) clothes as I usually do.  I did get to wear this teal Kiyonna dress on a date night last weekend, and I have been wearing the black "leather" jacket pictured below a lot.  I have two dresses right now that I haven't been able to wear outside the house yet, the striped one pictured and this one, which I hope will look fine if I wear Spanx. It is a little tight in the midsection and isn't quite as cute on me as it is on the model.

I have been doing my best with my workouts. Yesterday's Pilates Circuit class was cancelled and I think swim tonight may be too. I got in to the gym for Spinning, and I have been doing a simple kettlebell circuit a couple of days a week at home. I miss running outside, but it's just too cold for that. If this storm doesn't go away soon, I'll have to resort to the Dreadmill.

All in all, I have been trying to keep my spirits up, but the cold has me tired and bored and frustrated. I have a weight goal for next Wednesday and I feel like I need to be more regular with my workouts to reach it. I'm tired of feeling like a zombie -- I want to feel like I'm going somewhere.


  1. I just emailed pix of jackets youngest just got on line at JC Penney. I know you hate store. We ordered on line. I think that jacket is great. Does the off center zipper bother you? Pretty much have to have it closed?

    Loved teal too.

    Try the one that is too snug around middle in next size up. If you look closely at picture in your link, it looks snug around middle on model too.

    1. That brown jacket you sent me is cute. It looks like it is junior sizing, though -- a lot of times juniors' stuff runs small. Sometimes I can wear an XL and sometimes not. But that's a great price. I actually sent email asking if they thought the price on this one would go down from the price i was quoted.

      The asymmetrical zipper doesn't bother me, it actually looks fairly symmetrical when unzipped. This piece has gotten a lot of complaints because it runs small -- mine is a 1X. Normally I would wear a 0X or XL but this one just barely fits me.

      Trying a dress in the next size up isn't as simple as at a regular store -- this is one of the things about GB. You don't know what you are getting when, it's sort of a surprise what item in your closet will be sent next. I bought some control-top tights today to try with the dress -- if it looks good with shapewear, I'll wear it out of the house. If not, I will send it back. I'm not sure if it will work on me if I size up, since the top half fits just right on this now. I don't know if it will be too big on top if I size up. I also don't know when I might get it again if I send it back. Pencil skirts are so unforgiving, I don't normally wear them. I wish i could get rid of that little tummy pooch.

      The teal dress definitely needed shapewear too, but because of the way the fabric wrapped around the middle, it sort of helped to hold that part in.

    2. I think there were other jackets on Penney's site. You might find other options with better sizing.

      I bought one at Kohl's for middle. Will send pic if I can find it.

    3. Please post link for black and white dress, curious to see the rest of it. The horizontal stripes are really pleasing to eye.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Deleted my other comment so I could make an active link.

      This is an Alfani dress, so it may be available in your size if you search.

    6. Those are some serious stripes.

      I was just curious to see cut of dress.

      It is very cute how you wore it with jacket.

  2. By the way, my swim tonight was cancelled. It seems about 80% of my exercise is now coming from shoveling snow. Listening to the Pandora "Jimmy Buffet Radio" station helped it go a little better today.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07