Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Biggest Loser Season 15, Episode 13: Finally, Makeover Week!

It felt really long watching this episode in the morning on I started to cringe at the little "Doo-do-do-do-dooo" jingle for the battery commercial that started every break. In between watching I worked on a new spreadsheet for my own weight goals.  I took tons of notes during the episode.

I liked the way they began this episode, with little peeks at the contestants in the limo after their makeovers, interspersed with their interviews about Makeover Week on Day 1.  It helped to build the anticipation to actually see the contestants and their transformations.

I think if I ever meet Tim Gunn in person, I will probably instantly burst into tears. I was dabbing my eyes during the entire segment with him.  He gave each contestant his full attention and made them all feel special.  They had set up a "boutique" which looked like a set with clothes chosen for each contestant -- given how often they are all weighed and measured, I'm sure that they knew what sizes everyone was in.  He let each of them choose their own clothes to try on -- "I don't want to make anyone my dress-up doll." It sounded like he did choose their final looks, based on how they looked in the clothes they tried on and what they seemed to like.  I liked how he empathized with what Bobby was going through, "Coming out is nothing to take lightly -- I speak it as a fellow gay man." He gushed over everyone in their clothes -- not surprising, since they all looked fantastic. I only noticed one contestant, David, who had obvious loose skin. Maybe they were wearing shape wear under their clothes?  Most of the women ended up in sleeveless dresses, so maybe they were young enough not to have loose skin. The final fashions were all great and flattering. I loved Bobby's leather jacket. David looked much better in a jacket than in the sweater he had on first. Note to self -- to look taller and thinner in a dress, wear nude or metallic shoes, preferably heels with platforms.

I was less enthused about Ken Paves -- I didn't understand the insistence on giving Marie short hair if that was something she didn't want. I wasn't sure if the short hair was because she had sort of fine, limp locks and he wanted to make them look thicker, or just because she said she didn't want it and he wanted to create drama.  I think Marie has a beautiful jawline and the short hair did bring it out, but the super-light color and the swoopy curls seemed more appropriate for a much older woman. I liked her hair better when it was straighter during the gym segments -- it seemed more chic.  I would like to see her in a little darker hair color and a more modern, edgy cut.   I loved the fringe on Chelsea, and the color changes for Jennifer and Tanya.  Of course, David looked much better without his beard, though the scene where he clipped it off was kind of gross to watch. Rachel had the least dramatic transformation, but her color was brightened up a little and several inches came off her hair length.

You can see the final photos for yourself -- let me know what you thought!

Contestants met their family and friends with Allie in the garden area used in Hannah and Olivia's season (that's how I think of that season).  The contestants didn't know who would show up, so it was an exciting surprise for them. It looked like the families had gotten makeovers too, or at least wardrobe help and manicures.  The initial meetings were touching, but I have to admit, as the seemingly scripted conversations went on and on, I got bored and thought, "Let's just get these guys back in the gym, they have work to do!"

That's how Bob felt too -- it seems like every week, he is the designated person to complain that whatever is happening is going to interfere with the contestants' workouts and weight losses.  It seems like whenever the contestants see their families, some of them have a bad weigh-in.

I had been surprised that only Chelsea's brother had showed up to meet her for her makeover reveal, but we learned in a conversation with him that she had gained her weight trying to take care of an alcoholic father. In the gym, Jillian takes time out to talk to Chelsea about how she will need to take care of herself when she gets home.  This was a really sad moment for me, to think that such a young and beautiful girl would be dragged down by her parent's problems.  I hope she moves out on her own -- her efforts with her dad probably weren't helping him, and were obviously hurting her. Her 10-year high school reunion is coming up, so she's only 28. I am hoping she has a lot of fun showing everyone how great she looks.

There was a random segment about a mud run thrown in sort of haphazardly into this episode, and it obviously happened before the makeover. The only reason it seemed to be included is to advertise Biggest Loser races happening around the country. I love races, but the idea of a mud run is not appealing to me. It also seemed like a disconnect with all the glamour of the rest of the episode.

We also got to see Jay at home roping cattle at a trim 185 pounds.  I wish he would have shaved or at least trimmed his beard, but maybe he's saving that for the finale. He is so much more than Cowboy-Hat-Guy now.

There was a double red line this time, so the scale, not the contestants, decided who stayed. Personally, I'd like to see only red lines and no yellow ones.  The weigh-ins weren't terrible, despite Bob's warning. Only Marie seemed to have an off week.  It was a shame, because she was the only one of Jillian's original White Team left (although, by the numbers, Tumi and Jay should have been there instead of Jennifer and Bobby).  Tanya, as expected, finally had her luck run out.  She wasn't one of my favorites originally, but she grew on me as I got to know her story. To be honest, I didn't want to see any of them go home -- this has been an amazingly sweet and drama-free season. The contestants genuinely seem to like each other.

Here are the stats on the final five (courtesy of the Season 15 wiki):

Contestant Age Height Starting BMI Current BMI Start Most Recent % Lost

Rachel 24 5'4" 44.6 25.9 260 151 41.92%
David 43 6'2" 52.5 33.3 409 259 36.67%
Chelsea 28 5'6" 38.9 26.5 241 164 31.95%
Bobby 28 6'3" 44.7 31 358 248 30.73%
Jennifer 42 5'7" 41.7 29 266 185 30.45%

Next week is the final week on the ranch. There will be the triathlon, and there is a double red line. The winner of the triathlon is guaranteed a spot, but then the two lowest losses out of the remaining contestants go home. 

I expect Rachel to win the triathlon unless they weigh her down with 50-pound rocks when she swims.  No one who is left can come close to her in the swim or the run.  She is also the person with the highest percentage lost, again, by a lot.  Chelsea, Bobby, and Jennifer are all pretty close on weight loss so far.  Any one of them, or David, could have a great week or a bad week next week. I think Chelsea is vulnerable because she is closest to her goal.

Once it's down to the final three, the ultimate winner could be any of them. Everyone looks great now, but they all have room to lose and still be in a healthy weight range -- and Rachel is closest to her goal.  It should be exciting.

Unfortunately, I'll probably have to watch online again. "Doo-do-do-do-dooo!"


  1. Didn't care for Marie's hair either, too fake looking or something.

    Did not care for anything Allie wore. Purple dress during reveals was not flattering. Dress during weigh ins had the wrong bra and wrong neck line. She needs to wear scoop or V necklines. Cannot stand new hair color. Either her weight fluctuates (a lot) or she is as impacted by cut of clothes as I am. Because sometimes she looks great and sometimes really not.

    Since Chelsea's brother had come from Korea and she had not seen him in two years, she might have liked time alone. He might also have (wisely) said he would only come if father did not come.

    Could not believe how much better/younger david looked. His posture looked slightly better in real clothes. When his two older girls came out first, thought they were alone and thought okay something strange is going on here. Was relieved to see wife and their daughter. I still think he needs to go home and find a therapist.

  2. 100% agree about red line all the time. Like trainer save concept.

  3. I thought Ali looked great at the weigh in! Very 50s style and it showed off her lovely toned arms. Loved the faux-short hair too. But do agree with Vickie re her purple dress.

    Chelsea looked so much younger after her makeover. I'd thought she was in her late 30s up until that point.

    Agree with you about the red line and the creepy de-bearding, Jen!


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