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The Biggest Loser Season 15, Episode 11: Going for the win

This is how I had to set up my new digital antenna, provided by Buckeye Cable, just to be able to watch "The Biggest Loser" last night. No, Buckeye and my local NBC affiliate still have not come to an agreement on pricing. I think Sinclair is trying to gouge Buckeye because they are a small, independent cable provider. and I'm glad Buckeye is fighting them -- but I really just want to be able to watch TV and not have to do acrobatics. Plus, it's nice to DVR the episodes so I can go back and watch something I missed or start watching late and skip the commercials.

Since I had to watch the commercials, I noticed that Dave's Running Shop, a local running store, was advertising during the show.  Better yet, they shot the ad in Wildwood Preserve Metropark, my favorite place to run. It actually seems to be everyone in the Toledo area's favorite place to run, and it's also only a few miles from one of the Dave's locations. I thought it was nice that they were sending a welcoming message to the audience of the show. 

So this week's big news (since we are coming back from the holiday break) was supposed to be that all the contestants were back, including Ruben and Holley, weighing in for a chance to get back on the show. Since both Hap and Matt, two of the big boys on the show, were both eliminated last week, this meant that they didn't even leave the ranch before having a chance to win their right to stay. I suppose we were meant to be excited to have the two celebrity contestants back, but they didn't do or say much of interest. I figured out why Holley's lipstick looks so strange to me -- she has this very pale face, with her skin and hair all about the same color range, and then these bright lips. They look out of place to me.  If she put on some eyeliner, I think it would be fine.  I'm glad to hear the weight loss is helping her in the weight room  -- that was her real goal for being on the show.  Ruben did not seem to want to be there -- he sort of rolled his eyes as he walked in and stood almost behind the door holding it open as the contestants walked in.  He didn't seem to have lost any additional weight since leaving the show.

I was glad Bobby got to come back. Coming out to his family does seem to have changed his outlook on himself and his life, and I think that is why he has been so incredibly successful losing weight since he went home. He was so handsome that didn't recognize him at first.  I'm very happy to see him doing so well, as he seems like a generally good guy. Most of the contestants do at this point.

The big news to me this week was Marie telling Jillian that she wanted to win the show, and not just lose enough to feel healthy so she could have a baby. Jillian stepped up her attention on Marie as a result. There was a recent episode of Jillian's podcast where she talked about "dropping the ball" with a contestant and feeling devastated about it. I have a feeling she was referring to this episode.  The yellow line came back -- two contestants were up for elimination, Tumi and Tanya. I know that Tumi is one of Jillian's favorites, and she was eliminated this week, after working out with one of the other trainers while Jillian was with Marie.  

Jillian worked out a little with Tanya this week, and I got a better sense of why she does the things that had bothered me before. Tanya's mother was abusive, and she is still seeking love and approval everywhere. That makes the attention-seeking behavior easier to understand.  I feel bad for Tanya, because she got to hear during the elimination that no one saw her as someone who could win, and they kept her there not because they liked her, but because they saw Tumi as the bigger threat.

Some other points of interest:

This week the challenge was actually an interesting one -- contestants had to collect kettlebells from a sandy hillside and put them on metal rack, collecting ten in all. The challenge was much easier for the people in front, as they were able to get all the easy-reach weights first. There was a fierce battle not to be last, as there was a one-pound disadvantage on the line. Tanya came in last, and the one-pound disadvantage wasn't even needed to put her under the yellow line. If second-to-last Bobby had gotten it, it wouldn't have hurt him enough to put him below.

Finally, finally, we got to hear something about David's current wife, who was just mentioned in a recent episode -- until then David's storyline was all about his first wife, who died. They still had to replay the same clip we have seen 10 other times about this.  There was a very sweet conversation where David talks to his current wife and thanks her for everything, and apologizes for not giving her his "best." I think it's understandable that someone who lost a spouse would feel a little conflicted about moving on. It was a nice link-up to Abby, from Season 8, who made a reappearance on this episode. She lost not only her first husband but both of their children as well, and has since remarried.  I think that any loving person would not want the one left behind to suffer endlessly, and would hope that they would move on after their death, but it would still be very difficult.

Abby admits to some weight regain -- though she still looked beautiful and happy -- and is able to bring in a plug for the Biggest Loser Resorts (You can win a trip to the one in Malibu by entering on The Biggest Loser website. Of course I did!). 

There was a weird last-chance-workout at a NASCAR facility with the Subway car driver, and the obligatory Subway plug. I didn't find this of much interest, but it did look like a tough workout.

Finally, the "Where Are They Now" videos for Hap and Matt were integrated into this week's show. They have stayed in touch and are calling each other now to check in, which is great.  Matt is preparing for his wedding, and he now needs a size-48 jacket instead of a 60.  Though men's jackets are based on chest measurement, my guess is the 60 was needed more to go around his waist, as in his before photo his chest looks small in comparison with the rest of him. No timeframe was mentioned for the wedding, which may be because they want to get to know each other again now that Matt has changed so much, or they just don't want weird fans showing up at the wedding.

Hap is in some kind of real-estate sales, and we get to see him working out and eating on the road in Hawaii. He goes to some pretty heroic lengths to stick to his plan, including bringing a cooler and a portable grill with him to cook in his hotel room. 

The biggest thing I noticed this episode is how much different everyone looks after only 11 episodes. There are still so many contestants that it's hard to know how they will whittle down to a final 3 in a month's time. 


  1. Great review... and excellent observations about that lipstick :)

    Seeing Abbey again brought the tears to my eye. Even my husband who watched Season 8 under duress with me, remembered her story!

    SO want to go the BL resort!

    1. I entered the contest -- why not? But I'm a little afraid I couldn't keep up -- the contestants are so athletic!

  2. I think so we here it said a May wedding. Like it might have been printed in the box that appears with their picture at end of segment.

    Very good recap.

    Lip stick/face thing was confusing to me also. You might be right about color.

    I am pretty partial to cowboy hat boy at this point. He is one that is barely recognizable between before and after pics.

    Yes, pretty major regain with Abby, but glad to hear she is working on it.

    1. "so we here it said"
      Was actually
      "somewhere it said"

  3. Because of schedule conflicts on my DVR, I watch On Demand which means I have to rewind nor fast forward. Drives me a little nuts. I go back and look for info or rewind to rehear a line (evidentially often) as I watch most everything.


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