Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Snowed in, Day 3

Since Sunday morning, I have left my house twice: Once to shovel snow for more than an hour, and once to go to the grocery store just because we were (temporarily) downgraded from a Level 3 Snow Emergency to a Level 2, and I just wanted to leave my house. Once I got back, I was happy to be home and wondered why I felt the need to leave.

The problem at this point is not the snow, which has stopped falling, but the dangerously cold temperatures and wind chills way below zero. A woman in a small town nearby died from being out in the cold.  My husband has already been off school for two days and is already cancelled for tomorrow.

My new car is tucked in the garage and the driveway and sidewalk are clear, so there's no reason to venture out tonight.  I suppose I should be complaining about being bored or stir-crazy or upset that I can't work out, like half my Facebook friends. I really feel lucky to be somewhere warm and safe and am content to relax. I got some schoolwork done and there is more I can do.  I'm hoping to finish Allegiant tonight (Amazon affiliate link, thanks to Laura for recommending this series). My husband and I did some kettlebell work today, just a short routine for something to do. There is plenty I could do around the house, too. My cats are very content to have us around all day.

I have things I need to do tomorrow, so I hope the travel ban is lifted.  I'm supposed to get a haircut and color touch-up, for example -- very critical, as my stylist is always booked up and it's hard to reschedule.  It would be nutty to try to run outside, but if the gym is open and I can get in, I'll go.

I know a lot of my readers are snowed in too. I don't think it's terrible to get some quiet time once in a while. I would feel a lot differently if I was without heat, power, or water, though. I'm very grateful for all of those things today.

Stay warm!


  1. We are cancelled for school here tomorrow also.

    On my last two episodes of Dexter.

  2. Husband did go back to work.
    Middle (college in another town) also went back to class.
    Grade-high schools all still closed in our area.
    Not sure about roads.
    I have not driven since before surgery, so not eager to even think about driving on ice.

  3. My back pictures did not go thru to your feeder did they?

  4. I am interested in putting pictures somewhere with a password, where they will not roll through to feeders. Where would you suggest? And am I smart enough to do it?

    School is already cancelled for Thursday.


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