Sunday, December 15, 2013

What I did this week

I am missing my Jawbone UP -- the replacement should be here Thursday if it wasn't delayed by the big snows. So hopefully I will be back to step-counting next week.

Monday: Yoga class, 45 minutes.  This was my birthday and I played hooky all day. I went to fancy-schmancy French dinner, which was nice. Small portions of wonderful food, which felt like exactly enough. 4 half glasses of different wines over 2-3 hours.

Tuesday: 20-minute walk.

Wednesday: 20 minute run with 5 minutes warmup and 5 minutes cool down walk.  It was hard footing in the snow. Shoveled the sidewalk by myself, probably 30 minutes.

Thursday: Spin class, 45 minutes.

Friday: No time for a workout, took a day off.

Saturday: Snowed in all day. Didn't sign up for my Pilates Circuit class because of the predicted snow. Shoveled sidewalk and driveway for half an hour with my husband and went for a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood.

Sunday: Shoveled sidewalk and driveway with my husband and dug out my car. He did a lot of the shoveling while I uncovered the car, so I'm only counting it as 20 minutes of shoveling. Did my Master's Swim group tonight, one hour of hard swimming. We did this thing called a Loco, which might stand for locomotive or might stand for crazy: 25m hard, 25m easy, 50m hard, 50m easy, 75m hard, 75m easy. I'm just glad there wasn't a 100m set in there! I snuck in a rest between the 25s, the 50s, and the 75s but we weren't supposed to. Then we did 4 25m sprints on 40 seconds.  This was at the end of the workout, which had some other hard stuff in it: Tarzans, fist drills, some fast kick sets.  If you aren't a swimmer, I realize this is all Greek to you, but I know some readers do like the swim details. I am still tired  and I got out of the pool almost 2 hours ago.

I am really starting to see muscle definition in my arms from swimming, Pilates Circuit, and maybe the yoga. The shoveling was a nice bonus workout. I really felt it in my abs.  They are starting to feel very firm, and even with the padding, I can see the line down the middle of my abs when I look in the mirror. I guess what I am saying is that even though I haven't lost a lot of weight this year, I can see some progress in body composition.

For next year, I'm going to follow Yoni Freedhoff's advice and make this my resolution. I just pre-ordered his book to review.

The view from my window

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