Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What I did for my birthday

My birthday was yesterday, but I also did a little celebrating over the weekend, which is perfectly valid, I think, for a birthday that falls on a Monday. I'm now 43, in case you were wondering.

Friday morning I went for a run. Unfortunately, my Jawbone UP band decided to stop working, so I won't have a step count until I decide on a replacement. That night, my husband and I went to see "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," and then went to an Asian tapas restaurant near the theater. I loved being able to order small dishes to share instead of a big entree.  I had a Groupon for this place and thought it was really fun.  We will definitely be back.

Saturday I went to my Pilates Circuit class and we celebrated with another couple who lives in Ann Arbor. We had originally planned to see the movie with them, but the husband is a doctor and was on call. We just hung out at their place, played cards, and had pizza and birthday cake #1. It was fun to spend time with them and play at being college kids again.

Sunday I went to my parents' and had a birthday lunch with my family and birthday cake #2. I said no to taking home the leftover birthday cake. I went to my swim practice, where we had an informal competition.  In case you are at all curious, my times were:

50 Free: 44.53
50 Back: 59.45
100 Free: 1:42.60
50 Breast: 1:00.19
200 Free: 3:56.00

I am not familiar enough with swim times to know what they mean, but I had fun and I never finished in last in my heat.  I started off the blocks for everything but the backstroke and the 200 -- we started those in the water. For the 200, I swam in a lane with a guy who I always thought was a better swimmer than me.  I was neck-and-neck with him until about 3/4 of the way through, where I lost sight of him. I figured he had gotten ahead of me and I was feeling a little discouraged, but I finished hard anyway. Turns out he was behind me by about 10 seconds. That was a good lesson in not giving up...

Yesterday, my actual birthday, I decided to take as a fun day for me. I am mostly caught up on my work, so I checked in on my email every few hours just to make sure no one needed anything and stayed away from the office.  I started the day with a yoga class. I had an astrology reading with a local celebrity astrologer that was really great. I got my finger- and toenails painted Danke-Shiny Red. That evening was the Alliance Fran├žaise's Christmas Party. Jesse didn't want to go so I went solo and wore this gorgeous dress from Gwynnie Bee (affiliate link). I didn't have anyone at home to take a picture when I got ready, but I loved it on.  The dinner was in courses, with wine pairings. The wine "glasses" were about 2 ounces each, and the portions of the courses were small. I found that a meal was much more filling when eaten like this, especially with great company. No wonder French women (supposedly) don't get fat. There was a small (2" square) cake with a teaspoon-sized scoop of sorbet for dessert, so that was birthday cake #3.

Update: For Debbi

Today is back to my normal routine.  I am going to Spin class before going in to the office early to make up for my lazy day yesterday.

Thanks for reading. Hope you have a great day today.


  1. Happy birthday!

    You seem to be quite a swimmer. Where in Toledo do you swim? I've winded where I could go if I brought my swim stuff with me when I visit my mom

    1. Northview High School with my masters' swim group. Our practices are closed but Northview has early-morning swims for drop-ins on MWF for a small fee. I sometimes swim at the YMCAs, or the JCC pool in the summer -- I have a membership. I think if you are a member of an out-of-town Y, you can drop in a certain number of times per year.

  2. I'd make it a birthday weekend, too. In fact, I like birthday weeks! Happy birthday!

  3. I LOVE that dress! I bet you really rocked it, wish we could see you in it. Looks like you had a very happy birthday!

    1. Your wish is my command. I was actually taking pictures last night for another project that may or may not turn into anything.


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