Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Biggest Loser Season 15, Episode 9: Diner and Dash

The White Team has had a run of bad luck this season -- they are the smallest team and they seem to lose every weigh-in.  This week, Jillian goes ballistic when she finds that instead of working out with her all week, her three contestants are stuck working in a diner because they missed a few arbitrary "obesity trivia" questions. She adapts by giving the contestants shorter, more intense workouts. The White Team has a little fun with the other contestants by leaving "treats" from the diner in the kitchen and in some of the contestants' rooms. I swear that Hap really sounded like the Cookie Monster when he talked about how much he loved cookies.

It isn't clear to me whether this was a real, actual diner that normally operates when not staffed by reality show contestants, or the set from "Saved by the Bell" retooled to look like an actual diner with a clientele of extras working for free food.  My suspicion is it might be the second one.

This whole scenario is intended to simulate a real-life situation where someone has to work all day and still wants to try to lose weight. The difference is that in real life, most people can't come home and spend their remaining time working out or sleeping.  In real life, most people have family and other social demands.

Out of curiosity, I looked through the contestant bios and a few of them do work in the food industry. Jay is now a retail manager for a food company, but I wouldn't be surprised if he had worked in restaurants -- he seemed to be the most competent of the three team members and the one that the fake-looking manager (he reminded me of the car wash owner from "Breaking Bad") relied on the most.

I also noticed when cruising the contestant bios how many of them used to be fairly serious athletes. Several of the big guys used to be football players. Rachel was a swimmer and Chelsea used to do softball and cheerleading. I think this is one of the ways that TBL "cheats" to get high-weight contestants who can also stand up to the demands of the grueling workouts -- they take people who are fairly tall and muscular who are also overweight.  I have heard they also look at old pictures to make sure the contestants will be relatively attractive once they lose the weight.

Am I the only one who is really uncomfortable with all the focus on Jennifer's daughter? Dolvett Skypes Jennifer's family and offers to train this one daughter. If the desire is really to help this girl develop healthier habits, why not train the whole family instead of singling this one girl out? Would she really have been able to turn this "opportunity" down? The kids from last season seem to have done well, but they auditioned to be on the show.

There was a brief scene with Tanya where she seemed to get on a monologue about how great Dolvett was. I wonder how much of that kind of stuff ends up on the cutting-room floor. The other contestants seem relatively introverted, so maybe Tanya was brought in to make sure that at least someone would have something to say. This is not the most dynamic group of contestants, even though they all seem likable enough. They mostly seem to just get their work done, which makes me like them more but doesn't create much drama. Having the trainers involved in casting seems to have kept out the mean girls and the bossy alpha males.

Next week the teams are gone and we are down to singles. This is usually the point where people who have been coasting get dropped from the show.  This time around, though, there don't seem to be any real slackers.

There isn't really anyone with the personality of Danni or Tara, but I like Tumi, Rachel, and Marie -- they all seem to be hardworking and smart. I bet this season there will be a male winner, though. The deck is stacked with huge guys like Hap and Matt.  Who are you rooting for?


  1. "It isn't clear to me whether this was a real, actual diner that normally operates when not staffed by reality show contestants, or the set from "Saved by the Bell" retooled to look like an actual diner"

    This made me ROFL :)

    The former athlete thing always gives me pause too. Higher metabolisms to start with, and usually their weight was gained in a shorter amount of time... so not the same kind of long-term emotional eating issues and messed up metabolisms. Also likely to look better with the fast weight loss since there was muscle lurking... as opposed to heaps of loose skin etc if they'd been long term obese.

    1. PS i must confess whenever they have a Dolvett Tries To Be Deep and/or Helpful scene I go make a cup of tea.

    2. I always watch recorded episodes, since I'm gone when TBL airs. So I fast forward through the Deep Dolvett portions. I like Rachel this year, but agree with you, Jen, that one of the guys will probably win.

    3. Definitely -- though Pete says that he does have loose skin and started wearing Spanx when it was still just for ladies.

      After reading Vickie's operation saga, I don't think elective surgery sounds like a great solution either.

    4. Poor Dolvett -- he is such a handsome guy and probably nice enough, but the fake-deep reality-show stuff just does not work in his favor.

  2. And my operation saga is easy peasy in comparison to most.

    Huge family support, no drama, not even the normal amount of complications, no looming deadline to go back to work, benign lump, really good surgeon/staff, extremely good outcome, etc.

  3. I watched most of the current season (TBL, On Demand) yesterday. Watched this week's episode this morning. So I am now current.

    I do love the condensed format (especially the weigh ins). I love the fact that this seems to be a drama free, mature, kind group.

    Agree that Dolvett is like able, but sort of cringe worthy; smiled at shauna's tea break.


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