Friday, December 20, 2013

The Biggest Loser Season 15, Episode 10: When I'm wrong, I'm really wrong

Sorry for the delay in my post. Our local NBC affiliate is trying to squeeze our small cable company for more money, and I was unexpectedly left without the ability to watch The Biggest Loser. In addition to my regular cable, I now have old-school cable:

Yes, those are rabbit ears in the background. Now you can see our glamorous TV setup, which is our old coffee table stacked with videos. I had to watch Tuesdays episode online, which was an annoying experience. NBC inserts commercials for Botox at random intervals every five seconds.

The next episode isn't until January 7, so I'm hoping that WNWO and Buckeye can kiss and make up before then. If not, I have my antenna, provided free by Buckeye.

Remember last week when I said that I bet that one of the big boys would win?  It became obvious how much Matt and Hap were leaning on their teammates this week, as the whole show went to singles.  Because there are still so many contestants on the show, they seemed to have trouble finding enough different colors for all the players. And now they are going to bring everyone back again? I am really calling BS on the whole "caffeine scandal," because it seems obvious that the producers will do whatever they can to get mileage out of the celebrity contestants that they paid good money to get. There are so many people already on the show that it seems ridiculous to bring more back. We haven't been told what the contestants will do to win their place back, but it would not surprise me if it was a sing-off followed by a power weightlifting competition.

It's annoying when there are so many people who are working hard to keep their spots. It is no surprise to me that Rachel was given the green t-shirt, as she is a tough girl in true Tara Costa style. She won this week's challenge, yet another variation of the hold-a-heavy-thing-until-everyone-else-gives-up variety, beating out the big boys in a preview of the weigh-in.  There is a Biggest Loser Triathlon in the works, which will give a spot in the final weigh-in to the winner. This has to be great news to Rachel, a former champion swimmer and enthusiastic runner. I can't imagine that she won't win this.  We saw from the little Subway integration "race" that swimming skills are in short supply on the ranch, and even though the swim is usually the shortest leg of the triathlon, a truly terrible swimmer would lose a lot of energy just struggling through it.  The only place where anyone might catch Rachel is the bike. To be honest, the biggest competition for Rachel is probably Marie, another quiet contestant who just gets her work done.

The trainers switched up the contestants they worked with, and Bob has to be furious at Dolvett, since every one of the players who worked with him seemed to have a bad week.  They all ended up in the bottom spots.

Jillian had another "moment" with David, who admits that he felt resentful at times of the burden of being left with two young girls to raise after his wife's death. We don't know what dreams he might have had to give up to take care of his family all by himself, but it would have been hard for a young man in his twenties to do all of that on his own.  There are a lot of single mothers who do the same, but I bet they feel resentful sometimes, too, as hard as it would be to admit it.

Another "moment" on the show was Bobby's "Where Are they Now" video, where he came out as gay to his father.  I knew that was coming. I have to be honest, I felt bad for his father for having to be told in front of a camera for national television. Either his father already knew, or this was all staged, because there wasn't any surprise on his face.  Bobby looks great and I'm happy that he is now able to be honest about who he is.

This week also saw two more contestants getting into "Onederland," as Jay and Jennifer both dropped 5 pounds to break through the 200-pound barrier.  It's getting into that weird part of the show where the contestants are starting to look a lot thinner -- though the girdles they are wearing for the weigh-ins are super-obvious this year, it is still amazing to see what can happen in just 10 weeks.

Keep commenting about the show, I'd love to hear what you think, especially since I watched it in a distracted, "Why is my AppleTV dropping the connection AGAIN?" state.


  1. Bob's comments about Hap were very different this week, than they were other weeks when he had low numbers. This week bob seemed to be saying - you are not doing what you need to do, consistently. Other weeks bob seemed to be saying, you are doing what you need to do, it is a mystery as to why it is not working.

    Interesting that there are SO MANY GIRLS left this year. It is possible we will be down to all girls here, shortly.

    Not finding myself attached to anyone this season. Also could not name most of them. I think it is the shorter show.

    David needs a therapist, in my opinion.

  2. I don't watch as often as I used to, but still tune in occasionally, so I'm grateful for what you share about TBL. I still worry about the big losses that contestants have, and wonder how they really do it. It seems that so many regain their weight, but then regaining is such a struggle for all of us who have weight challenges.

    Happy holidays and may your new year be a happy, healthy one.


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