Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday weigh-in: Up 0.2

Red line is a trend line, and the dots represent actual weigh-ins.
I'm up a little from last week, putting my current weight at 178.  I'm relieved that it is not higher.

I am going to limit myself to only weighing in on Wednesday from now on. I saw that I was up (181) yesterday after eating in the cafeteria, and became paranoid about being up again today, so I could not decide what to eat. I didn't pack a dinner, I didn't want to eat in the cafeteria... so I was sitting in my office hungry and ate vending-machine peanut-butter-and-cheese crackers.  Dumb, about the worst possible choice, and probably saltier than anything in the cafeteria.  I need to relax a little about weighing in and I need to be more proactive and thoughtful about actually planning my food. I had myself so paralyzed that I made the worst possible decision.  There are good choices I can make in the cafeteria. I could just stick to the salad bar, for example.
I'm hoping to get things straightened out and do better for next week. Since I was a little ahead of my one-pound-per-week goal, I can get things straightened out if I stop being so nutty. 

I ended up buying the dress pictured here from Gwynnie Bee. They have a try-and-buy program -- they will charge the card I use for my regular billing and send me another item from my closet.  I love the way the dress looks and feels, and when I was looking for the link for Vickie, I realized it was sold out in my size. I got a price quote from them that was about the same as the clearance price from Macy's, and since this month is free for me because I won the video contest, I decided this would be a nice one to add to my closet permanently.  Because the dress is designed to fit a little loose, I think it might fit me even at goal, but if it doesn't, I'll find it a good home.  That would be a nice problem to have. 


  1. I would probably make myself crazy if I weighed myself daily. I think a weekly weigh in is a good idea. You can see that the individual points vary, but the overall trend is still heading down.

    It always seems so unfair that gaining weight is easy, but losing it takes so much work

    Side note - yes, I am from Toledo (born and raised) but I've lived in New Mexico since 1990. When I mention visiting OH, it is specifically Toledo, though. Depending on what happens with my mom, I"m planning to come back again in the spring. Even thinking about doing Glass City half marathon when I'm there, but that is just a wild thought at the moment..

    1. My husband is running the half. Maybe I'll see you there!

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  3. Very glad you were able to get the dress from your program. It is a truly great dress. And how fun to be able to shop that way, wear it for a while, see if it fits in your closet, before buying.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07