Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Biggest Loser Season 15, Episode 6: Progress check

This week seemed to give the contestants to look back at the progress that they have made over the last 6 weeks.  Weirdly, because of the trainer saves and the whole caffeine-supplements dustup, the Red Team is back at full force and the Blue Team still has all its players. The White Team is down two players, with Marie, Tumi, and Jay (a.k.a. Cowboy-Hat-Guy).

Jillian seemed genuinely baffled by the supplements issue. She posted on Facebook about it last week that seemed to support my suspicions that the producers used this whole thing as a way to bring Ruben back:

There was also a fairly stiff discussion with her team members about it, in which they seemed to accept that she was doing what she thought was best. The producers seem to have realized that without Craig and Fernanda, the two White Team members with the most airtime, we need some details on the personalities of the other players on all of the teams.  There was a nice retrospective where the contestants watched their audition videos and reflected on the changes they had made. It is really stunning to see how far they have come in such a short time. The players like Tanya and Holley who have gotten a lot of screen time weren't featured, and those we haven't heard from got a chance to talk, even Cowboy-Hat-Guy. We had yet another rehash of David's sad story with the same exact clips as the last few times we have seen it, and despite his determination to be "more than just a sad story," he doesn't seem to be able to do that. The producers just barely let us know last week that he had remarried, and his current wife wasn't mentioned this time around. It's not that this story isn't sad, I'm just kind of annoyed that the narrative is one-note Sadsploitation.

In the video audition tape, we also learned that Bobby is gay -- it has been interesting to me the number of players on TBL who turn to food to deal with their feelings about their sexual orientation when they think they won't be accepted by family members. There have been several players who have been open about this, and other players where I suspected this might be part of the story. Jillian is, of course, in a committed relationship with a woman, and I think she mentioned on her podcast one time that Bob has a male partner. (Dolvett strikes me as straight -- he has creepy eye-contact moments with the women on his team, not the men.) I wonder if part of the success of TBL has been giving players positive role models of how a person can be successful in the world as an openly gay or lesbian person. Food addiction seems to be a disease of trying to fit in and please people, and Jillian, for example, is someone who is unapologetically herself.

Of course, since he is back, Ruben got a lot of on-screen time. There was a little segment with his music producer where we get to hear Dolvett sing (not too bad, really) and see a little behind-the-scenes stuff about the music biz.

The challenge this week was super-dumb and ridiculously complex. I have used that trampoline ball-bouncing thing in physical therapy -- it can be hard to control where the ball goes. The only interesting thing about it was that Red Team finally beat the undefeated Blue Team. This challenge was for cash, not immunity, so it was low-stakes.

I almost forgot to include my favorite part of the show. Dani, winner of last season, came back for a Subway integration. I love, love, love Dani, and was glad to see her looking so confident and cute.

The weigh-ins this week were erratic. Some players posted big numbers and a lot posted less than would be expected. My husband and I have a theory that players initially have a big (water) weight loss, then the weight loss slows down for a while, and then it picks up steam as players gain muscle and can work harder in the gym. This week's all-over-the-map numbers could reflect some players having minor injuries that keep them from doing a whole lot but aren't being mentioned in the storyline. The Blue Team had a particularly poor showing as a whole, though, so maybe it was something about the way Bob trained them this week. Tumi (White Team) and David (Red Team) both had big weeks.

Makeover week cannot come soon enough. Holley's weird pink lipstick reminds me of the neon stuff that was popular during the 80s, the men with beards seem to be losing their faces, and Rachel is apparently auditioning for the part of Rapunzel. But there are still way too many players, so I think we are going to be looking at this hot mess for a while yet.


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    I didn't know if Jane cleaned up the list of people who could access and knocked me off, or if it was a problem with the privacy settings. I didn't want to ask in case she locked me out for some reason -- I don't want to make her uncomfortable. One day I could read it and the next, I couldn't.

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