Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Biggest Loser Season 15, Episode 4: Tricky Treats

I'm finding it weird that the show is focusing so intensely on a few of the contestants to the exclusion of all others. Tanya, for example, is getting tons of airtime, and I'm getting a little tired of how everything is huge and dramatic with her.  There are other contestants, like Jay, that we hardly hear from at all. Bobby has barely gotten any camera time.  I am hoping that this will shift as time goes by.

Of course, since the show was airing close to Halloween, we had to have a Halloween-themed Temptation, with candy and prizes hidden inside pumpkins.  Every team had a reason that they "had" to win the challenge, and it was mostly to keep another team from winning it and getting immunity. I think the teams should have agreed not to play, since eating lots of sugar always has bad effects on the contestants, but they were all hoping to win that golden ticket. Some contestants ended up eating 1000 calories of sugar, including stuff they didn't even like, as a result. That had to have an effect on the weigh-in numbers.

We get an interesting segment where Bob brings in some women from his Crossfit gym, and at first I was disappointed that it was only women -- where was the beefcake?  But the girls were "heavier" Crossfitters, who weighed around 165 pounds, the weight that Holley would have to drop to in order to leave the heavyweight category.  It was hard to believe those women weighed 165, but it was impossible to imagine Holley ever being that small. Even if she doesn't lose enough to drop weight classes, in Olympic weightlifting, the lifter's weight is the tiebreaker if two people stop at the same weight. Holley is much larger than most of the other Olympic lifters, so she would lose every tiebreaker right now. Even if she got down to 200 pounds and could keep her strength, she would be able to win some of these tiebreakers. Bob wanted to show her that she could be strong even at a smaller size. Heck, I'd be happy to stay at 165 if I could look like those women, though I think they are taller than I am.

There was a little segment with Tumi, who is training with Jillian. She is very passive and feminine, and Jillian thinks she's hiding something. It turns out that Tumi was abandoned at a young age by her family, and she is still angry and hurt. This is the kind of stuff I like them to give airtime to.

Finally, we got to see a little clip with Biingo (that's how he spells it), one of the kids from last season. He seems so much happier and more active. His parents look great too. It seems like their financial situation has changed a lot, and I am sure that helps -- they had been living in a relative's basement last time around.

I was really surprised to see Ruben go home -- I hope he does okay on his own.

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