Sunday, September 15, 2013

What I did this week

This was an extremely busy week for me. I felt like I was running from one thing to another several days, so there were times that I didn't get all of my steps in. I did, however, get better sleep, although other than today I didn't quite manage to sleep a full 8 hours. Getting adequate sleep has helped me more than I would have ever realized without getting the Jawbone UP. Unfortunately, with the kind of work I do, being productive also means sitting a lot, so it's hard to balance getting things done with getting my steps in.

Workouts for the week:

Monday: Ran 28 minutes, plus warmup and cooldown walks
Tuesday: Took an hour-long walk. My legs were sore and I wanted to give them an easier day.
Wednesday: Ran 29 minutes, plus warmup and cooldown walks
Thursday: Spin class. First time back was hard -- it felt great for about 30 minutes, then I was tired.
Friday: Took the day off working out but got all of my steps in.
Saturday: Pilates Circuit, which is strength-based and not step-oriented, did not get all of my steps in.
Sunday: Last workout of the Couch to 5K program, 30 minutes.  Think I might do a 5K on October 6.

Besides my regular work, I'm putting together a promotion portfolio, which involves writing reflections on my work and development. It is excruciating.  I have done three different versions of the Introductory Reflection so far, and have to tweak all my other narratives. I know I have done enough to be promoted, it's just writing about it in a way to prove that to the committee that is hard work.  It involves a lot of butt-in-chair time.  I'm going to try working on it after my workouts next week, hoping that my brain will be more creative after I get my blood pumping.

Have a great week.

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