Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Review: Half Size Me Podcast

I found out about the Half Size Me podcast at Fitbloggin' -- a lot of the attendees are listeners, and it turns out, a lot of them were also guests on the podcast. Since then I have burned through the entire archive and am anxiously awaiting the next episode.

The focus of this podcast, unlike so many others, is not weight loss but weight maintenance. Host Heather has been through not one but two large weight losses. The first time, she lost more than 70 pounds as a teenager but couldn't figure out how to maintain her new body, so she gained all her weight plus another 70 pounds. The second time, she started at 313 pounds and gradually lost more than 170, slowed down a bit by a couple of pregnancies.  She now looks "FAN-tastic!" (to use a favorite Heatherism) and is using her podcast to help others like her find and maintain a healthy weight.

The thing I love best about her podcast is the focus on building a maintenance lifestyle from the start, rather than seeing weight loss as something that should be achieved as quickly as possible. I'm sure a lot of longtime readers of my blog get frustrated with me and my slow progress, thinking, "Why doesn't she just ____" (drop her calories to 1200, cut out all carbs, do Whole 30, etc.)  I did the quick weight-loss thing and like Heather was, found it too hard to maintain. Now I'm trying to find that maintenance lifestyle that I can live with for the long haul. I'm willing to put up with trial and error and error and error rather than live on a rollercoaster again.

It's also interesting that there is no one path to long-term weightloss and maintenance. People on Heather's program have lost their weight in various ways, and many are still experimenting with different techniques to keep the weight off. Heather herself just went through a "metabolism reset" because she was having to keep her calories extremely low to maintain.  I respect that she is presenting this information as a fellow-traveler and not someone who already has all the answers.

Besides the podcast, Heather has branched out into some for-fee services, including a newsletter and an online community. I haven't tried any of those but might give the newsletter (which comes with bonus recorded audio) a try at sometime. It would be a nice way to get more content and support someone who has provided me with so much interesting food for thought.

I'm always looking for good podcasts -- I listen to them when I run or go for walks -- so please feel free to suggest others in the comments.

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  1. I think it is smart to lose at the highest calorie level possible. Healthy food, smart choices, balanced, but as high as possible with consistent (slow but steady) progress so you have somewhere to go at the end (if you need it) and then are still left with a high enough calorie level for maintenance.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07