Monday, September 09, 2013

DietBet, again

Hannah and Olivia are doing another DietBet, so I decided to join. Summer is over and I'm back to a little more of a routine, and even though I didn't win either of the last DietBets, they did help me focus.

I am not posting my weigh-in photos since I didn't even try to make them look good this time. My weight was up a little this morning as it usually is on Mondays, so the first two or three pounds should be easy to lose. I will keep my updates to once a week or so, because I don't want this to just be a weigh-in blog.

Instead, here's me in a recent fun dress from Gwynnie Bee (referral link). I wasn't sure I'd like the color but it was fun to wear. If you missed my other posts about Gwynnie Bee, you can find them here, or just go to the intro post where I explain how it works.  It's not a bad deal -- I feel a lot happier about my wardrobe now and I'm not buying clearance-rack junk just to have new things to wear. I even have a couple people at my workplace who are thinking about joining.

Yellow Coldwater Creek dress


  1. I might have told you this before -

    24 years ago, pregnant with my oldest, and still working, I used this type of program for maternity clothes. The store was in town, so was able to try on and make selections. They did all laundry, I think I traded clothes every 2 weeks (unless I outgrew something in the meanwhile). That store closed long ago as clothes became much more affordable and business attire more casual. But at the time it was really great.

    1. I never heard of that but it would be a great idea. I don't think you mentioned it before.

  2. you look really cute in the yellow dress. and congrats on your weight loss!


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