Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week in review and Sylvania Triathlon race report

What I did this week:

Monday: Walked for 35 minutes
Tuesday: Morning workout was 15 minutes running and 20 minutes of walking, evening open-water swim
Wednesday: Off -- had done a hard swim and woke up achy
Thursday: Run/walk workout, same as Tuesday morning
Friday: Off
Saturday: Helped with the SuperKids race, pretty active all morning
Sunday: Swim relay leg of the Sylvania Triathlon

My doctor is dealing with breast cancer and is in between chemo and radiation. She had signed up to do this race solo (the duathlon) but decided she wasn't up to it and asked if I would like to do a relay. I had done the swim leg of a relay before so I did that again.  My husband did the run. Here is 2/3 of the relay team after the race -- since I didn't ask M's permission I'm not posting her photo.

The relay racers started with the collegiate triathletes and the Clydesdales (men 200+ pounds). There weren't a lot of relays. I tried to swim hard since I wasn't going to be doing the whole race.  I was trying for a time to beat my former record on this course of 32:32.  The 30-and-up men started about a minute after us.  Usually at a race, they try to put the faster swimmers first (like the collegiates) but this was not the case this time. I was pretty quickly ahead of everyone I could beat in my wave and way behind the rest, and was swimming all alone until I got rammed into by a couple of the fast men in the next wave.  I am used to swimming with other people but not used to taking the full force of a guy in his prime swimming as hard as he can. It was a little intimidating, but I tried not to let it slow me down. To be fair, I also felt my foot make contact with the ribs of a guy in a wetsuit while I was doing the breaststroke to sight. This is not a sport for the timid!

The course had changed a bit since the last time I did it and there was a much longer run from the beach to transition. I think I got even more tired running than swimming -- I didn't want to let anyone pass me on the run in.  My husband had pointedly suggested that I wear my trisuit and Enell for this race -- I had thought about just wearing a swimsuit like I did last time, but he said he noticed last time that I should be wearing a bra. I'm very glad I took his suggestion, especially with the longer run. I am not used to sprinting so I was wheezing a little by the time I got to the place where we were supposed to change chips.

After our biker left, I sat down in a corner for a while and drank a bottle of Skratch.  I was more tired than I remember being in a while. It's 11 hours later and I'm still tired! Because our biker had at least an hour and a half out on the course, I had time to shower and change out of my trisuit. That's why I look so clean in this photo.

It was a little disappointing to see that my time was not what I wanted, but I bet I spent at least 3 minutes running across the beach and up to transition, where the timing mat was. I wish I had a water-only time, but I don't.  I was the fifth swimmer in the mixed relays (team name is Doctor's Orders). Our biker did better than she expected and also placed fifth in the mixed relays. And Jesse did better than he thought he would and placed -- guess what -- fifth also. So at least I don't have to worry that my time slowed us down at all, since we ended up placing fifth as a team. I haven't seen the overall results yet. And I'm a little scared of the email that will come in a few days about the race photos -- I know I won't look good in those.

I did this race once by myself, back in 2003. I am not quite sure how I did it. I remember that I was very miserable at the end of the run. I did pretty well, considering, keeping pace with our times as a relay team except for the transitions and a much slower run. I thought I had heatstroke at the end and went to the medical tent then. 

Sometime I would really like to do this race by myself again, but I would want to be much more ready for it. I don't care if my times are better, but I would want to have a better time doing it. The problem is that I'm going to have to beat the clock -- I'm 42 now, I was 32 then. 

Until then, the relay is fun. And sprint races are definitely challenging enough, too.

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