Sunday, August 25, 2013

The challenges of blogging daily

Yesterday I got up early, went to Pilates Circuit class for a beating from my favorite instructor. After a quick lunch at home and a nap (which I'm glad I took), I went to the German American Festival to watch this event:


This is the steinstossen -- stones-throwing.  That, in case you can't tell from the picture, is a relatively small woman in Bavarian garb (and low-top Chuck Taylors) with a 75-pound rock over her head that she is preparing to throw.  I would really like to try this next year but I want to train for it. There was one woman (who seemed pretty drunk) who was wearing a skirt who tried to do it, fell, and flashed her panties to the entire crowd.  There was also a guy who tried to throw the men's stone (138 pounds) who fell backward and landed flat on his back (I swear I heard his head clunk on the ground but my husband thinks it was just the rock) and then jumped up and tried again, managing to throw the stone a short distance.  The woman pictured here threw the rock more than 9 feet and came in second. The woman who won was taller and wearing leggings and work boots, which seems like a much more practical outfit for this event.

Anyway, I was occupied with this festival all afternoon and evening and forgot all about blogging. This event is a big local drinking festival too -- the daytime events were fun but once everyone started arriving to party I was ready to go. 

My dad's family has some Bavarian heritage (that's where my last name comes from) and I could tell, walking around, that my body frame comes from that side of the family -- I have relatively long arms and legs, and a generally solid build, and so did a lot of the people trying to throw those rocks. 

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