Saturday, August 10, 2013

Paying it forward: Volunteering

I volunteered forl the Sylvania Superkids Triathlon today. I have helped out with this event before, and it's always fun to see the kids competing. I got to help direct the kids coming out of the water toward transition, and then got to help out at the finish line taking the timing chips off the kids' ankles.  So I did get quite a bit of standing around and some bending -- sort of an active rest day.

The littlest kids swam 100 yards and the bigger ones swam 200. Tomorrow I will be doing the perimeter of this lake (pond, whatever), which is about 1500 meters.

It's definitely a different perspective when you volunteer. I was standing near the bike dismount line and realized how many people try to ride right through it, so now I know why the volunteers were screaming. I was impressed with how many kids could swing their leg over the bike and get off while it was still moving, something I have never learned (or even tried) to do in all my years doing triathlon. It's also just a warm fuzzy feeling to be helping out, as long as I am given a clear assignment and know what to do. I have volunteered before when no one seemed to know what I was supposed to be doing, or when I was given an assignment but not any instruction on how to do it right, and that is no fun.  I don't mind being bossed around, I just don't want to stand around.

Hopefully helping out will bring me good karma tomorrow. I will be starting with the Collegiate racers, the Clydesdales (men over 200/women over 150) and the other relay swimmers. So most of the people swimming in my wave will be bigger or faster than me.

I think I can hold my own, though. I have already swum this course about 10 times this summer.

Shooting for a time under 31 minutes. Wish me luck!

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  1. what a great pic
    good luck, will be thinking of you


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