Thursday, August 22, 2013

Measurements and gadgets: MyoTape and the Jawbone UP

 Back when Fat2FitRadio was still releasing new podcast, they recommended the MyoTape (Amazon affiliate link) for taking measurements. I made a mental note, because I always found doing my own measurements to be difficult and inaccurate. The nice thing about this is that the tape has an end that fits into a slot on the handle, and then when the button on the handle is pressed, it self-tightens.  This would remove a lot of the potential for user error. In the picture above, I'm demonstrating on my calf (15.5").

I picked one up the last time I did an Amazon order and needed something to bump me into the free shipping range.  I have been wanting to track my measurements once a month and now that Lose It! has a place to record them (in the Premium version), I will be doing measurements on the first of the month. There is also a spot for goal measurements, so I looked at a size chart and found the measurements for a size 10. It's nice to have some non-scale goals in addition to my scale ones.

I also recently bought a pair of the Jawbone UP bands (Amazon affiliate link) in a his-and-hers deal on eBay. My husband and I can get very sedentary during the school year -- we are both good about working out regularly, but in between those workouts we spend a lot of time sitting, partly for work but also goofing off on the computer or iPhone, watching TV, etc.  There is a feature on this that reminds the user to get up and move every 15 minutes. It also tracks sleep, activity, mood, food, and integrates with apps like My Fitness Pal and Lose It! I am still learning how to use it and will have a full review soon, but in the meantime you can check out Rebecca Regnier's video review. One thing I will caution -- though she says you can swim with this in the video, the instructions for the UP say you can shower with it but that they do not recommend swimming with it. There is a way to log activity separately and I will probably just do that.

It may turn out to be just a toy, which is why I didn't want to pay full retail. I was deciding between the Fitbit Flex (Amazon affiliate link) and this and this just seemed less complicated. I had seen people complaining that the battery on the Flex died at inopportune times with no warning and the little piece that actually counts steps seemed too easy to lose. I like that the UP plugs right into my phone with no extra pieces. I didn't want a clip-on pedometer because I was afraid I would lose it.

Have you found anything new that has helped you work toward your goals?

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