Sunday, August 04, 2013

I liked this dress a little...

I mentioned this dress on my last post but I hadn't had time to take pictures yet. I'm doing BlogHer's August NaBloPoMo so it's not a bad thing to get two posts out of one topic.

This is my favorite item from Gwynnie Bee (referral link) so far. I love everything about it -- the color, the style, the material. Almost everything --- it is a little bit long. But that's not terrible.

I have always liked wrap dresses because the fit is customized -- with my body shape, if I don't define my waist, I look much bigger than I really am.  I own a blue wrap dress that I have worn about a dozen times already. Besides the great fit, the wrap dress is as comfortable as a bathrobe, which has to be what inspired Diane von Furstenberg to create it.

I would consider buying this dress too, but since Gwynnie Bee has this style in several different colors as well as several other true wrap dresses and faux wrap dresses, I'd rather closet a bunch of them and be able to have something different.

We ended up going to the Maumee Bay Brewing Company for dinner, which was definitely a jeans-and-t-shirt place, but I didn't care. The food was amazing and they had free popcorn.  It was a fun, relaxed night. I'm keeping the dress for a while, so maybe I'll find a more suitable place to wear it.


  1. You always look so stunning in all of the dresses I have seen you in. This one is no different.

    1. That's so sweet, Marlene! Thank you so much!


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