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Halfway through my trial month: More on Gwynnie Bee

FTC Disclosure: I am currently in a free trial month with Gwynnie Bee, but once that is over, I will cover the costs of my subscription. This post contains my referral link. Like all members, I can earn a free month if other people decide to become paying members through my referral. Other than that, this review is uncompensated.


already wrote about my experiences with Gwynnie Bee when I first started the service, but I thought I'd give some additional information now that I'm about halfway through my free trial month, which ends August 16.

I have included some screenshots showing my closet history. I have had 6 garments so far (the one in the far left in the second screenshot is on its way to me) and unfortunately, three of them were returned without ever being worn.  So far my favorite items were both wrap dresses -- one that I am going to wear out soon, and one that I tried on but had to send back because it was too big. I also liked the orange tank, but I sent it back because I thought it was a little too distinctive to wear again soon.I am still learning the brands and what sizes work for me.

There are a lot of cute items That wouldn't work for me, but there is enough variety in brands that there should be something that fits everyone. It's helpful that most of these brands have their size charts linked right from the item so I can get a sense of what will work.

Even more helpful to me than the size charts are the customer reviews of each item, especially when the customers give a sense of their shape and usual size and what size they tried in the item, and whether they would recommend sizing up or down. I pay even more attention to these reviews than to the size charts. I make sure to leave the kind of feedback for other customers that I find most helpful. Though I can send something right back that doesn't work, the mailing time means that it will be a while before a replacement item arrives. I have been trying to keep no more than 2 items at a time so I always have something new on the way.  It's nice that I can see what is being sent in my closet so I know what's next.  I love getting the mail and opening my latest package. I make sure to indicate when I have sent something back so that Gwynnie Bee can get my next shipment ready.

I have been enjoying getting to try new brands. I have shopped at Coldwater Creek a few times but never really loved the brand. Now that I have loved a couple of their items though, I am going to have to give them a second look, especially because of their fit. I had never heard of Cherry Velvet, but there are three of their dresses in my closet and I'm hoping that I get to try one of them soon.  They have cute retro prints and get rave reviews from everyone who wears them. In anticipation, I bought a steamer that Margo recommended because the reviewers said the fabric tends to wrinkle. 

I am definitely planning to continue. The cost of the service might seem a little high at first but not when I think about the number of items I have worn in a the last few weeks, and how much it would cost me to buy them. I tend to avoid dry-clean-only clothes when shopping (which may explain why I continually wear the same boring t-shirts and jeans) but Gwynnie Bee takes care of cleaning for me so I don't have the hassle or expense.  Considering all that, plus the cost of shipping and inspecting all the items, the price seems very reasonable. 

One downside is that with all these cute clothes, I want to go out more to get a chance to wear them. That will subside a bit when school starts, though.

Intrigued? Try it for yourself (at least if you wear size 10-32).

Update: As of October 1, 2014, Gwynnie Bee is no longer offering free trials. 

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