Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's a jungle out there

I finally was able to get someone out here today to service our sprinkler system. The previous owners of our home had it put in, and even though a sprinkler system is the last thing we need right now with all the rain we have had, getting it fixed has been on my to-do list for a long time. If we ever sell our house, having a sprinkler system in good working order will be a selling point.  A broken one, not so much. I haven't done anything with the garden this year -- never planted any flowers, never put down any mulch, and more importantly, never weeded. And it shows. It has been raining a lot and when it hasn't been rainy, it has been sunny. We have a jungle out there.  A real gardener would probably look at our yard in horror right now. It made my heart sink when I realized how much there is to do.

I spent almost an hour ripping out weed trees, ivy, and weeds while the sprinkler was getting fixed. I also found out firsthand that the sprinkler system was working again when I got caught in the spray.  Even after all the work I did and the huge garbage-can of stuff I pulled out, it's still not done. I have to work on it a little at a time, and be more consistent about it. My husband said he will help, too.  I need to find our yard waste pickup schedule and get a sticker for this year.

This year, I decided, I'm not even going to plant anything new, I'm just going to clear out some space, prune the bushes, and maybe put down some mulch so that new weeds don't take root.  It's sort of like decluttering -- you don't redecorate while the house is still a mess. We do have some nice hydrangeas, a rhododendron, some hostas, lupines, echinacea, lavender, irises, and a few lilies. I think that it all will look a lot better with some room to breathe.  I am thinking of it as an opportunity for a little bonus activity.

Maybe next year, when it's not looking so terrible, I'll get some annuals in and post pictures.

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  1. We have had so much rain this year that the weeds are very difficult to stay ahead of at our house too. I think your plan for planting new things next year is a good one. One task at a time is a good plan!


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