Tuesday, July 02, 2013

I did it, I ran the Fitbloggin' 5K!

I wanted to wait until after my sports medicine doctor's appointment today so I wouldn't jinx it, but it seems my knee is doing much better, even though I went against doctor's orders and ran a 5K ahead of schedule.

I have arthritis in my knees, and recently went to the doctor because one was all swollen and discovered that the right knee has a bone spur. The left may have one too, but we didn't check -- it doesn't really matter if there is one there or not.  Bone spurs can develop anywhere there is arthritis, but unless they are causing problems, the doctors usually leave them alone -- removing them doesn't do much good, because the body can continue to create them if there are still problems with inflammation.

I have been doing my physical therapy and keeping up with my other kinds of exercise, but I had cut out running while the pain and swelling calmed down. Last week, I did about 20 minutes of running in intervals, with walking in between, and had no problems. I notice that it isn't so much running that bothers it as sitting too much and doing other things that stress it more directly. So I skipped the Flash Mob at Fitbloggin' -- I was the videographer instead -- and avoided the workout classes that might stress it, like Zumba and Boot Camp.  I stuck to safer, more familiar things, like elliptical training in the fitness center and yoga.  I was saving myself for the run.  

The run went well. I ran most of it by myself, because there weren't many runners and most of them were faster or slower than I was.  I have been running on and off since I turned 20 -- but I was a mid-packer at my best, and I have slowed down over the years with injuries and aging. I did run behind Marcius for most of the race, and his bright yellow t-shirt helped keep me on the right path. I did some bits with other runners too.

I don't mind running alone -- that's the way I tend to train anyway.  It was a beautiful course -- we were either running along the river or crossing it for most of the way.  I did get tired, because it has been a very long time since I did a race, and months since I tried to run 3 miles at once. I ran the whole way except when I was stopping for traffic lights.  

I am thrilled that it went so well, and the doctor seemed happy with my progress. This opens the door for me to do an all-women's sprint triathlon later this month -- I was putting off entering until I knew I could make it.  I'm glad I kept up with my swimming and biking, even when I was not able to run.

If you hear my complaining about how slow I am, remind me: I am just happy to be able to do it.

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