Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weigh-in, June 19: STRESS

I think it's sort of funny that I will be co-facilitating a discussion at Fitbloggin' on "dealing with the shame of regain," considering the amount of stress this week's weigh-ins have given me.  We teach what we need to learn, I guess. Today's number is a bummer. Yesterday's was a little lower, 179.4. We went out last night with friends and I did not give a thought to today's weigh-in as I was drinking beer and enjoying bar food. I am salt-sensitive anyway -- a normal restaurant meal can push my weight way up, so this was not going to result in a good weigh-in. What bothered me most this morning is thinking about what everyone would think when I posted a weigh-in above 180. I tried the tricks of getting on and off the scale, trying to fiddle with the number. I considered not posting at all. 

It's bothering me that this blog has become so focused around weight posts. I wanted it to be about more than that. Fitbloggin' is probably a good opportunity for me to think about what else I want to talk about.


  1. We just wrote essentially the same post! I almost posted my weight from 2 days ago just because it was lower. I can't wait to attend your seminar. I regained 20 after losing 165 and am struggling with feeling like I failed and now getting back on the weight loss train.

    1. Looking forward to meeting you!

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